Karatina University Holds a Farewell Party for Final Year Students


By Francis Juma 

A fare well party was held in Karatina University main campus for the fourth year students. Among them were the members of Christian union (CU) who facilitated the program in every activity. The party took place in the night of 25th March. It was graced by not only the fourth year students but also the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd year students. The party took which started at 9.00pm involved eating and drinking and laughter.

After the meal, a church service was conducted in the conference.
Beautiful praise and worship which were mostly sung in English language took the pre-eminence of the first part of the service with group of worship leaders taking the front altar as they lead others to the Lord. The service was more of thanks giving, as every individual was happy praising and dancing, it was really an episode to recall.
The preacher of the night of event was pastor Ndegerege who lead them throughout the word and the sermon.

The fourth year students were given a vote of gratitude for their tolerance, faithfulness, perseverance and above all walk upright as an epitome of good Christian union community. Despite the challenges they went through, they stood firm and steady until this moment. It was actually a reputation to emulate by those who were still studying. They were also encouraged to proceed with the stand and never to loosen it up even outside the campus and above all to recall the work of Christ Jesus.

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The students mostly the Christian union leaders who represented others wished the fourth year students a wonderful, glorious with power packed blessings as they move out of institution to the competitive world market of job seeking and blessed them that they may endeavor in all their struggle.
To recall their four years of study at the institution, they all either in groups or singly presented their best to recall comedy, dances, songs and plays to entertain the congregation after the sermon.



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