Karatina University Students Praise HELB for the Timely Disbursement of Funds as they Report for the New Semester


By Godlip Ocholi

Monday, 28th September,2015 saw a huge number of continuing students in Karatina University turn up at the main campus for registration as required by the University administration.

The registration exercise is ongoing in various campuses as follows;

Tuesday 29th- Main Campus
Wednesday 30th- Itiati Campus
Thursday 1st October- Riverbank Campus
Friday 2nd October- Town Annex

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In his statement, the KUSA president, Mr Ng’ang’a indicated that all students are advised to try their level best and clear their remaining fee balances in the course of this week.Those who will be unable to raise full fees within the stipulated time frame for genuine reasons should write a letter to the University Registrar ,Academic Research and Students Affairs (ARSA) requesting for an extension of time to clear their remaining fee balance.In their request letters,comrades are required to clearly state as to when to complete fees by committing themselves to pay by a certain date.

On successful registration each comrade is issued with a fees clearance card valid for semester 1 of the academic year 2015/2016.The card bears the registration number of the student ,the name and signature of the Assistant Registrar for Admissions.

Comrades who are awaiting for Ksh.4,000 from HELB to reflect in the university account before clearance are given a grace period of up to Friday this week.Fees clearance cards for those from main campus will be ready by the same Friday and should be picked from the respective schools.

Further,the president directed that classes should not be disrupted due to the registration exercise.Unless,only when the whole class is undergoing registration at the same time and thus no one is available to attend a given lesson by a lecturer.

President Ng’ang’a concluded by welcoming all comrades to Karatina University Students Assosiation (KUSA) Annual General Meeting.The AGM will be held on Friday the 2nd at the main campus (Tahidi grounds) as from 4:30pm.The agenda of the meeting will include dissolving of the current SGC,sharing the visions of KUSA,challenges and an open nomination for aspiring student leaders.


On Saturday,26th September 2015,Karatina University comrades flocked various banks in Karatina town to withdraw their HELB cash.Long queues were witnessed even at the University bank agent.

Comrades who spoke to Magazine Reel were full of joy and gave thanks to HELB for making the disbursement just before the registration and fees clearance kicked off at the main campus on Monday.

Comrades are happy as they can now make fees payment comfortably, without the fear to defer studies.



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