Kenyatta University ‘s Ryan Tei in Trouble as KUSA Elections Nigh


The political temperature at Kenyatta University is steadily rising with the Kenyatta University Students’ Association elections set to be held this month. This is as aspirants for various seats cross fingers and hold their breaths awaiting the administration’s list of the nominees cleared to vie.The various aspirants are also preparing for the soon to come campaigns. As it is in politics opponents are using whatever means to intimidate and outdo each other.


One Mercy Myra posted on KU comrades forum alleging an affair with Ryan Tei a KUSA presidential Aspirant and also the outgoing KUSA deputy Secretary General.Mercy who claims to be a virgin says that Ryan coerced her to engage in sex and as a result she conceived.The poor girl says she is contemplating suicide.This has been termed as a ploy to soil Ryan’s reputation ahead of the elections by his supporters.The post read;


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‘Dear Comrades,

Please do not ignore,help.I am first year and scored an A in my KCSE and also class rep.When I came to the university I was a virgin and my grandmother told me not to play bed games before I was married.I met a guy who introduced himself as a brother to the Vice Chancellor and also the deputy Secretary General and also told me he takes Geospatial mobilization bewilderment.He told me his name is Ryan Tei.That night he bought me chips,took me to his bed and removed my biker.I told him I did not want to do that thing and he said he will only insert the head.After inserting I felt very happy and told him to continue.I felt like I was swimming naked in River Nyando.After doing bad behaviour he told me his real name is Matendechre.Now I am pregnant, I went looking for him and was told there is no such degree in the University.I am told he is usually seen with Doreen Mwenda.Should I commit suicide? I am just like your sister.’


Ryan Tei however refuted the claims.’That is just politics’,he said.Ryan’s supporters have took issue with the post and dismissed the girl as naive and one used by Ryan’s opponents.One Wesley Matelong CKorir however wants Mercy to consider him posting,’I am also a third year taking a Bsc in paper punching and shedding, could you consider me please?’ Wonders shall never cease.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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