Killer Trailed Moi University Medical Student for 1 Year Before the Day of Murder

Moi University, Naftali Kinuthia

Friends of the slain student who was hacked to death on Tuesday have recounted how the assailant trailed her for a year before carrying out the heinous act.

According to an account of one of her close friend, the man, Naftali Njahi Kinuthia, 28, had made advances towards the slain student, Ivy Wangechi, even promising to marry her.

The friend further revealed that Wangechi had showed him messages that suggested that the assailant was trailing her for nearly a year.

He, however, refuted reports making rounds that the two were romantically engaged and that she had infected him with HIV. Only that he was constantly pestering her to be his girlfriend.

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“Wangechi showed us the messages he had been sending to her expressing his love. She told us they were schoolmates in primary school but had lost touch until last year, when they met on Facebook,” narrated the friend.

It was further revealed that Kinuthia wanted the student to be his girlfriend and sent her gifts, including a phone which she wanted to return. When she declined is when all hell broke lose.

When the nagging and stalking persisted, Wangechi tried changing her phone number in January but the man got hold of that too.

Wangechi, a sixth-year medical student at Moi University School of Medicine was brutally murdered after a man marched inside Moi Referral Hospital and hacked her to death using an axe.

The student had started her day in high spirits at the hospitals carrying out practicals when the man discretely arrived and parked in the institution raising no suspicions.

He then reportedly asked her to step out for a while before committing the act. He also allegedly waited until she died before attempting to flee.



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