Reflections: King Solomon’s Adviser

Reflections: King Solomon’s Adviser

Guest Post by:Joseph Manyara

I have an affinity for politics. No matter how much I try to evade engaging actively in politics, i find myself entangled in the complex web to an extent that I am dispensing wisdom like River Congo itself. I don’t align myself with earlier philosophers but then i agree with them to a certain extent that ignoring politics will lead one to be governed by his inferiors. However, in my wisdom or lack of it, I still do not mean that when i vote for a politician that means he or she is my superior.

Brethren, this political frenzy is too much for me to handle. I can’t laugh alone. Magawi comes up with all sorts of wise quotes. #No matter how black a cow may be, its milk will always be black. Before the dust settles, he comes up with another. #No matter how forgetful a woman may be, she will never forget her behinds at home. Surely, who would still be alive with these remarks? Worse still, these people should be sued for cracking our ribs.

Vinny the orator, is yet another funny guy who allegedly cut his own umbilical cord and drove his mother home after birth. This description reminds me that movie of Aladeen, of one guy who was born with a gigantic beard. Nevertheless, this political frenzy looks like a comedy show more than Prof. Hamo of Churchill.  The funnier you are, the more wisdom you are thought to have. In fact, the competition now is for who should be crowned the wisest.

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The campaigners are the best in terms of creativity. Ndege still claims the ultimate trophy despite being a non-student. The manner in which he compares his opponents to his preferred candidate M7 is at its all time creative. While M7’s favourite animal is a lion, his opponent have bedbugs as favourite animals. Surely, this guy is nuts. Wisdom is dispensed haphazardly without any fear or favour. These are the people who allegedly advised king Solomon to choose wisdom over wealth. They went on to be his chief advisers.

How the hell does one coin such quotes that, ‘you shall lose unopposed?’ Pardon me, this is the reason i will never cease to engage actively in politics. I shall also be counted among the wise. I am also wiser than wisdom. Comrades must get wisdom per square inch. Otherwise, one also notes that without fools, there would be no wisdom. A wise man selling eggs should be wise enough to know that he should not start a fight in the market place for obvious reasons. So far so good, the KLSS elections are on heat. The debate was one of its own kind, with the candidates engaging each other intellectually. They flexed their intellectual wits though their was no outright winner.

I finish my humble submission with words of wisdom. Before you go out with a widow, kindly ask what killed her husband. When the mouse laughs at the cat, there is a hole nearby. I quit to my hole.

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