Kirinyaga University College Student Union Elections

Kirinyaga university

Kirinyaga university college students on Thursday 19th February morning, turned up in large numbers to elect their representatives to the university student organisation after a week of rigorous campaigns with contestants trying to sell their policies and manifestos to the student electorates.

This year’s election which is seen as a two horse race between  team ’WALU’ and team ‘JONTE’ campaigning on different manifestos.Team ‘JONTE’ fronting John Munene campaigning on a platform of ‘You say, we implement’ while team ‘WALU’ having Raymond Kiptoo as their team flag bearer for the post of the chair on ‘kazi ianze’  platform.

Kirinyaga universityThe post of the vice chair with Paul Lumumba as the only contestant went unopposed. The seat of the secretary general has attracted two contestants from team JONTE and team WALU, with the latter represented by Hezbon Onyango and the former represented by Robert Muthomi.

This election will see the university college student elect a total of 22 members to the student’s council. The students expressed their confidence in their preferred candidates and promised to work together with the winning side at the final face off in the ballot.

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The entire university fraternity has called for a peace during the election time.  Both candidates have promised establishment of a functional student’s kitty and review of the KYUSCO constitution to be student friendly as the current one is deemed repressive to the student’s rights.

Whether all this and more of their manifestos will be implemented…… well,only time will tell.



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