Kisii and Maseno University Beats UoN in Number of First Year Students Expected to be Placed by KUCCPS in 2020

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Unlike in the yearly university rankings which has consistently placed the University of Nairobi at the top spot in Kenya and among the best in the African continent, Kisii University is likely to beat the premier varsity in the number of first year students who will join the institution next year to take up various degree courses. Kisii and Maseno are poised to get the highest allocation of the 125,746-degree students as a scramble for the candidates who scored C+ and above sets off.

The latest placement data as published by Commission for University Education and Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) reveals that Kisii university declared a total capacity of 6,860 last year, being the highest stated capacity in both public and private universities. However, during the recent placements, the university was only allocated 2,722 students despite the big number of capacities declared. Going by the total capacity declaration, Maseno University would get the second highest allocation having declared capacity of 6,765. The university was this year only allocated 4,673.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (Jkuat) which got the highest number of first year students last year would next year get the third-highest allocation after declaring a capacity of 6,326. They had an allocation of 5,901 students this year. And if the numbers declared guarantee allocations, the University of Nairobi (UoN) would get the fourth highest students as it declared capacity of 6,227. This year, the university was allocated 5,432 students.Kenyatta University ranks fifth in the highest declared capacities of 5,638. This year, the university was only allocated 5,289.

Moi University closes the top six institutions with high capacity as it declared 4,968 and was only allocated 4,504 students.

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According to the latest data from the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) both public and private universities declared a total of 145,338 capacities.

The number is likely to hit 150,000 next year when the KUCCPS opens portals for courses revision.

Analysis of the courses students prefer over the last years shows that Bachelor of Education has been the most preferred course by students, receiving the highest number of applications.

Bachelor of Commerce was the second-most preferred programme with Pharmacy third.

Bachelors of Arts, Quantity Surveying, Architectural Studies and Law are also among the most preferred courses by students.Bachelor of Science (Electrical and Electronics Engineering), Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Medicine close the top ten most popular programmes among students.

However, KUCCPS data shows that medicine, pharmacy, engineering, architecture and economics remained the most preferred courses by the best performing candidates, putting a spotlight on the other programmes that failed to attract students.

Among private universities, Mount Kenya University would get the highest allocation after declaring a total available capacity of 4,845.

Kabarak University declared 3,170 as Kenya Methodist University declared 2,765.



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