Koyo and Emily Joins Ferdinand on Radio for the Best Sunday Show in Nakuru


As at now you ought to have known who runs Nakuru each and every Sunday. If you don’t know then you are about to. Sunday is always a slow day. Most people resort to keep indoors and chill or head out with friends to watch soccer.

However for the past months its been a different story, most campus students have found a new home where they can just chill at the comfort of their hostels or hangouts and enjoy the best of conversation, educative agricultural talk, the best of East African music and the world plus many more that is happening around them.That home is Egerton Radio.

Each Sunday from 1-4pm,the witty soft-spoken Ferdinand who is also  a writer with Magazine Reel takes the airwaves alongside Magazine Reel’s household name Caleb Odongo Koyo,”Mr Retrosexual ” as the streets call him. Owing to his Thursday bold,sassy and pointblank column is not a new name to most university students in Kenya and in Kampala ,Uganda.

His ability to tackle controversial stories without fear or favor has earned him a name in the writing seen and is probably one of the most sought writers by other writing sites.

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Despite this he has stuck with Magazine Reel calling it home. Koyo who is also the brain behind K.O.Y.O Management ,a stable based in Nakuru that works together with Poets,spoken word artists and models not to mention mentoring young writers has the best gripe on the Mics immediately he goes on Air on Egerton radio.No doubt Team Retrosexual’s have followed him to the show tuning in every Sunday.


Koyo and Emily in studio

Also in the show is a voice that must be watched when it comes to radio, the charming Emily Mbai gives the show life. Her English is always on fleek. Her lovely personality and her joyous nature on air confirms why she has been tagged”Super girl” by her listeners.

Emily who is one of the best female actresses in Egerton University is also a face to a presenter in one of the news agencies in Nakiru. She pairs up again with Caleb Koyo to bring you just the latest happenings around you, this confirms the kind of chemistry the two have managed to build on air.She is also a song writer,a poet and a writer.

Emily also gets Koyo by her side at the Center of excellence for livestock innovation and business(COELIB) located at Egerton university where they shoot agriculture clips on the show “Kilimo Bora ” sponsored by Professor Kahi aimed at educating farmers in Kenya.

Emily and the main man Ferdinand
Emily and the main man Ferdinand

On Sundays ,Ferdinand ,Koyo and Emily takes over the airwaves on Egerton radio for the radio edition of #KilimoBora ,a highly educative show that every campus student should listen to.

The show has so far gotten a wide audience in Nakuru.What happens in Naxvegas ,remains in Naxvegas. Each and every Sunday,Join Ferdinand,Koyo and Emily on 101.7fm for the best of Urban Music,Agribusiness talk and the latest happenings around you.Be part of the show and engage on the twitter hashtag #KilimoBora. Nakuru is tuned In.


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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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