KU Students Flock Banks to Withdraw HELB Cash in a Bid to Catch Up with Entertainment


Kenyatta University students are literally smiling all the way to the bank.This is after they received their HELB loans early last week.

An overwhelmingly huge line is noticeable especially at the Kenyatta University Equity bank ATMs as comrades rush to withdraw the disbursed monies .

Seems that the gods have heard the cry of comrades as a majority of them complained of delay in receiving the loans .This even as their counterparts in the University of Nairobi went to the streets in protest in a bid to have their financial grievances heard.

HELB is literally a lifesaver as it gives comrades purchasing power.This is the time when our ladies will revamp their wadrobe and wear dazzling hair styles.Others will acquire fancy gadgets like the latest smartphone, woofers,laptops,flatscreen television sets and other goodies.Lucky damsels will be treated to pizza and other luxuries by ‘team mafisi.’It is unfortunate that for some the money will get finished before they even realize.Talk of eating chicken as the semester begins and eating like chicken (read sukuma) when the semester comes to an end tales.

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On the other hand the enterprising comrades will pump the money into their small businesses. This is the type that will employ their former classmates a few years down the line.

The money in question here is not little cash .We are talking of about thirteen (13)thousand kenya shillings.Even as comrades celebrate this financial boost caution should be exercised in spending. Channel the money into lucrative ventures.Remember it is a loan that must be repaid comrades.Have a wise spending week.Won’t you?



We Are Hiring!! Writer


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