KU Students to be Given 4000 Kenyan Flags and 4000 US Flags to Wave at Obama


Kenyatta University administration has finally come out clear to set the record straight about the rumors that United States President Barack Obama will be visiting the institution on Sunday 26th July 2015. The institution had been in a supremacy battle with University of Nairobi students. Early today morning, a circular originating from the Vice Chancellor’s office informed the student fraternity that Prof. Olive Mugenda would deliver a speech later in the day. The administration and management through Prof. Olive has indicated that President Obama will be visiting the fastest growing varsity in East and central Africa.

Kenyatta university students response to the circular from the academic registrar, Prof. Okumu in the refurbished Amphitheatre for a full brief was convincing enough that they were eager to get it all from the horses’ mouth. Clocking in at 9. am saw close to two thousand students gather at the Modern Amphitheatre to listen to the so called full report.

Prof Olive Mugenda through a show of happiness and amidst broad smile confirmed that the institution will be privileged to host the World leader on Sunday.

“We are glad to play host to US President, Barack Obama as he comes to Kenya and Kenyatta University for the first time as a sitting President of United States” Said the Prof Olive.

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She reiterated what the KU students have been telling their UoN friends that the visit showed a great honor and show of respect the World leader had for Kenyatta University.

When the world leader lands in Kenyatta University activity flow will be as follows:

Students will be allowed to align around the Main field to watch the grand landing. However, this is strictly allowed outside the field and not anywhere close to the inner parts of the field.

Students will line in the routes he will be using with both Kenya and United States flags. The University, she said, will be provided with 4,000 US and 4,000 Kenyan flags to wave at the world leader as he will be making his way in the institution.

The President will use the routes from Amphitheatre to Geography Department down to Kenya drive. The students have the choice to either stand outside the field to watch him land or align along the stated routes to wave at his motor cade. Students will not be expected to run across the field to the routes upon his landing.

She noted that, 95 of Kenyatta University students and a good number of staff (slightly higher than staff members for other institutions), have been selected to attend the President’s Address in Kasarani. She noted that the list was carefully balanced by the dean of students and student leadership. Leaders of different clubs and societies, and students of high decorum were selected to be part of the list. They will also be provided with transportation to and from Kasarani. The selected lot were advised to exercise high levels of discipline.

To the other students, she reminded them to observe the following to ensure all is in order on that day:

  • Carry students I.D and National I.D always. No one will access the University without the two.
  • Avoid inviting other students, friends and relatives to the Campus (Due to security reasons)
  • Come early, as early as 6 am to the Campus, because Thika Road and the K.U gates will remain inaccessible for better part of the day.
  • To prepare to use the gate at the Northern bypass (next to the soon-to-be-completed K.U Teaching and Referral Hospital), to access the University. Gates A, B, C and D will all be inaccessible.
  • Church Services might be interrupted. She asked the Chaplains not to hold the services on the day as it will not be easy moving in the University and also much attention will be on the receiving the guest.
  • Expected students to cooperate with Security officials to ensure the day is a success.
  • Generally to behave with highest honor ever.

The Vice Chancellor, noted that at the moment, she is not aware of the program and whether or not President Obama will be able to address the students. However, she promised that should such information get to her, she will duly communicate to students. However, she expressed so much joy that even if the president might not address the Institution, the most important thing is the institution hosting him.

“Even if he doesn’t address us, let us be grateful that he is coming here”, she noted.

Chancellor reminded the students of how important such a visit is to the Institution, pointing out that she learnt in US for many years but even many renowned US Universities have not had the chance to host a sitting president. She noted a number of benefits which come with such visits as follows:

  • It puts Kenyatta University on the Global Map. “Remember, the whole world, is now looking at the Institution, how blessed are we”, She said.
  • Goes Down to History: “United States is over 200 years old and no sitting president has ever Visited Kenya, and Kenyatta University. History will record that President Barrack Obama was here, in Kenyatta University”, she reminded.
  • Increases the Institution’s brand. With such high profile guest hosted at the University, a Kenyatta University student, staff or alumni will hence forth receive world class treatment in all doors they knock at. Our brand has greatly gone up as a result of this visit.

SOURCE>>> First Published in All Senses Magazine. Credit to Gabriel Dinda.



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