KUCCPS NEWS: Simple Way of Calculating Your Cluster Points


It is now official that revision of courses shall kick off early next week. Students who sat for their KCSE examinations in 2014 will have a chance to determine their future professions by submitting their preferred courses of study at the university level.

The first selection and submission which was done way back before they could sit for their final examinations was only based on their probable outcome that they will qualify to join the much hyped higher institutions of learning in Kenya. The KUCCPS body formally known as JAB announced the cut off points which left the girl child with lots of hopes in catching up with their ever advancing male child in the education industry.

The female students who scored a B Minus grade of 59 points will be smiling all the way to the admission desks of the different institutions of higher learning in Kenya. Their male counterparts burden has also been lessen by atleast a point, those who scored a mean grade of B plain with atleast 60 points will have a chance of stepping into the doors of different universities to pursue their dream careers.

Important to note is that, though many students will have a chance of joining the much coveted institutions, less will actually have a chance to study their dream courses. This is mainly because of the ever haunting Cluster points idea. It requires one to have met certain criteria set aside by the respective institutions to allow him or her pursue a course within the perimeters of the university. For instance, courses at the University of Nairobi will always have different cluster points to those offered in other universities. KUCCPS says that the cluster point idea helps in ensuring that students study what they are probably best in and not what they have been dreaming about all their life.

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There are specific formulae that is involved in arriving at this cluster points. After using the formulae to calculate, the students are required to use the result of the calculations in ascertaining which of the courses within a given list will suit them. A list with names of universities and cluster points allowed in order to pursue different sets of courses are then provided to help the student in comparing and making a sound decision on which course and programme to go for in a certain institution.

Here is the simple formulae used to calculate the cluster points for individuals. Magazine Reel has also provided you with the list of cluster points and aggregates which will help you in knowing which course you are best suited to qualify to undertake.






Magazine Reel has also provided a list of all the universities you are likely to apply to, their cluster points for different programmes they offer and all the courses they they offer. Please click on the link below to view all the universities and the said courses they offer.




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  1. Hello.. im Benson Muguro Mungai a 2014 candidate
    who is selecting courses right now. my index no is 10208203056 which i was to use in paying the amount cash ksh1500.. unfortunately i have paid this amount to 10208203057 is just next to me who have paid and selected courses already.. please help on what to do so as to retrieve this amount back so that i can access my sms

  2. I am a last year candidate and have not yet registered in the school application program
    …how can I get help over the issue??

  3. Have you released 2017 candidates’ cluster points coz your page shows2016 cut off points,thank you hoping for your reply

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