KUCCPS UPDATE: Inter-university Transfer Procedure, Requirements and Deadline

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We have got a lot of questions about KUCCPS inter university  transfer procedure, requirements and dates in 2015 and  thus have decided to create this post. Find below the inter-university transfer application form and successful list of candidates who transferred from one campus to another.

KUCCPS Inter-university transfer procedure 2015

Transferring from one course to another or from one university to another is a simple procedure if you follow the needed requirements. Visit kuccps official website http://kuccps.net/ and download the inter-university transfer form. The form will be available for download as of 1st August. Check below for requirements before feeling the inter-university transfer from;

KUCCPS Inter-university transfer requirements 2015

The requirements for one to successfully transfer from one university to another include;

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a). The applicant/candidate/student must meet the cut off for the course they want to move/transfer to and there is still capacity in the course.

b). Must be approved by the respective Universities/Colleges and KUCCPS.

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c). Where not approved, then the Candidate is retained in the course placed in

KUCCPS Inter university transfer deadline

KUCCPS inter-university transfer will start on August 1, and end on September 30.

KUCCPS Inter-university transfer form

Candidate can download the Inter-university transfer form from here as from August 1,  2015

Check 2015 List of approved candidates for KUCCPS Inter university transfer at official website here http://kuccps.net/ as from September 30.

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  1. what if am currently taking a course and wish to change ? eg now i will open my 2rd year next academic year is it possible to change

    • Anonymous,
      Thank you for your readership. It is possible to change your course. There is a period set for inter faculty transfers within the individual universities. The period usually starts two weeks after admission.

  2. i was called to chuka and i wanna join ku.. if i do change will i be admitted the same time with the rest at ku

    • Anonymous,
      Thank you for your readership. Unfortunately, you will not be able to gain admission at the same time with those who will be joining KU. The difference in duration might be two weeks or less.

    • Wario,

      Thank you for your readership. Your transfer will take sometime to go through and therefore you might be forced to report two weeks after the first reporting date.

  3. i was selected at meru university of science and technology is it possible for me to transfer to egerton since the course i want to take is not at MUST

    • Anonymous,
      Thank you for your readership. Yes it is possible. You only need to pick the inter university transfer form from Meru university ‘s department of academic affairs and initiate the process. Good luck.

  4. How can one know if there is still capacity in the course and institution that he/she wants to change to

    • Name,
      Thanks for your readership. Kindly inquire about this in Kisii university’s main campus.

  5. Where is one supposed to submit the the form of interinstitution transfer, after one has succefully filled it.

    • Charles,
      Thanks for your readership. You can fill and submit the KUCCPS form online or you can pick the forms in your university, fill them and submit them to your preferred varsity/institution.

  6. Should i clear with the university have been choosen in order to ascertain my transfer?e.g was selected to Pwani yet i wish to join Egerton…must i go to Pwani and collect the transfer sheet?

  7. can i be considered to transfer from a degree course i have been choosen to a diploma i wish for because tha distance where i have been choosen i can not make the fare?

  8. Hey, i have been called to moi university to do BA but i wish to do agribusiness but at the same campus how do I change from BA to agribusiness?


  9. hey,I have been called in university of Nairobi for bachelor in Biochemistry but I want bachelor in Nursing,is it possible for me to change the course since I have qualified..??

  10. Hi, i have been selected at university of eldoret to do hotels and hospitality management and i wish to do business management in the same university but my cut off point is low with two points, is it possible for me to still change to that course?

  11. In the case of I falling short of the cut off point of my preferred course (in the university i had initially qualified to go to) by 0.044, is it possible to successfully perform an interfaculty transferr?

  12. hi am a second year at kimathi univ and would like to seek inter univrsity transfer to either moi or uoe for health related issuses.is it possible?

  13. Am a first year at meru university,but i want to transfer to kisii university as soon as possible,since am not comfartable with the cold environment,again it is too far from home,how can I get helped?

  14. after submitting the interunivesity transfer formr to kuccps in person how long does it take to get feedbck plz?

  15. i applied for interinstitution transfer online and so the form was not signed by the institutions Wil it be approved? Please help

  16. I made a request to join meru university and I found it is it possible for me to still move now that the deadline is past?

  17. am a 3rd year Taita Taveta university college taking BSc.IT and i wish to transfer to JKUAT main campus.is it possible and what procedure should i follow since i was admitted under JAB and not KUCCCPS?

  18. I had joined kitale Campus but I wanna change to moi University – Nairobi Campus due to one reason or the other, is it possible to start the next semester in Nairobi Campus? And will my results for the first semester be tampered with?

  19. am a 2nd year student at kibabii seeking inter university transfer to uoe…due to health problems…how can i manage

  20. Is there any other university in Kenya that offers bachelor of education technology apart from moi university eldoret???

  21. Hey I have been admitted for Ba but I would like to change to economics course at the same university is it possible and if it’s possible how should I do it.

  22. I am to begin my second year in bsc mathematics and I want to join education geog /maths and we have almost the same units except those in geog is it possible for me to change to it

  23. I have been selected to pursue actuarial science in university of kisii and I would like to pursue electrical and electronics in TUK..is it possible? kindly assist me

  24. do we have to report to the universities we have been called to?since the inter institutional exchange forms will be available at the kuccps website as from 1August which is earlier than mpst universities are reporting..

  25. My son is admitted to ku kitui campus and he has some medical problems, I wanted him to remain at the main campus, how can I be assisted?

  26. my wife has been selected to join K.U Kitui campus to do bachelor of economic degree. she suggests to change to city campus Nairobi because of her health conditions. is it possible?

  27. i have been placed at KU but i want to join TUK for my dream course..am confused where to start..please help

  28. I have been admitted to egerton to do actuarial science but I would like to transfer to University of Nairobi to do some other course since I have not qualified for actuarial science in University of Nairobi…is it possible?

    • Good afternoon Esther,

      Inter university transfers can be done. You will though have to wait for the official opening of the applications for the same. In the mean time, you can find time and visit the UoN and find out if they can be able to accommodate you in some other course of your interest. All the best and keep it Magazine Reel for more on how to successfully apply for an inter-university transfer.


  29. I did my kcse in 2013 and was placed by kuccps for 2014 admission but I could not join then can I apply for 2017 intake with kuccps again

  30. Am currently a 1st year student at Pwani university and I wish to transfer to Maseno next year ,will I join as a first year or as a second year? Further more am a kuccps sponsored student.

  31. I am currently a 2.1 student in Jkuat doing Bsc in industrial biotechnology but am not interested in the course am so much stressed up with this..my passion is in LLB at Kissi university ist possible to transfer next year after I defer next semester to start a fresh in September with first years..and how can I do for kuccps to extend my sponsorship by that 1 year and semester that I did industrial biotechnology, pls help am in a deep stress I need to do LLB PLS

  32. I am a1st year student in cooperative university doing BCOM and due to many problems I have I want to transfer to UON kabete how can I do it?and when can I do it?anybody who can give me procedure to what’s up or text me on 0710703825

  33. I am a1st year student in cooperative university doing BCOM and due to many problems I have I want to transfer to UON kabete how can I do it?and when can I do it?anybody who can give me procedure to what’s up or text me on 0710703825

  34. I was admitted to umma University moving to the second year on September, for a bachelor of business management is it possible for me to transfer to another university to pursue bachelor in education arts?

  35. Hello. Am a 2015 candidate and i’ve been in TUM for the past semester. I went to K.U last week and they insisted that i should download the transfer forms and go back with them. I’ve tried downloading them with no success. Is there a link that u can help me with i do it as soon as possible? Coz given the notice by K.U admin, i cant wait until 1st August. Kindly help

  36. I am a 2016 student and have been selected for the 2016/17 kuccps and placed in jaramogi oginga odinga university of science and technology…under barchelor og science ..pursuing public health…even before i report there is it possible to have an inter-university transfer…to do the same vourse in egerton or moi uni where such courses can be offered

  37. I would wish to change the university I have been notified to join and course.Am notified to join MMUST to study optometry.I would like to change and join UON to study bachelor of education science.Can you please help me succeed?I did my KCSE last year.Am looking forward at your assistance .You can communicate to me via my email.Thank you

  38. I was selected to go to turkana university but due to some problems need to transfer. is it possible and how do I do it?

  39. hey am so delighted because i was one of the chosen few to join Masai Mara university to partake information science in the school of science,i changed and managed to get a chance at the school of business,now am partaking financial economics,i got to say honestly Masai Mara is one of the beautiful and respected university but the problem which i have is the environment i don’t know how actually i can transfer and still be in 1.2.may i get an answer please????

  40. Hi,I am to join maseno to pursue bsc in ecotourism hospitality and institution management but i would like to change to computer science
    is it possible for one to change before joining the campus or i should wait till admission

  41. Am Leah been selected to join Riara university, tried to transfer to Dedan kimathi,but they have no may intake and had already downloaded the online form,deadline was 29th June,,when will you open your website again ?l transfer to another university?

  42. I completed high school Last year and I have been admitted in kirinyaga university to pursue bachelor of commerce but due to health issues I really would like to change to multimedia university how can I possibly change as soon as possible

  43. i did my KCSE in 2015 and gotf A- but was admitted in meru university. how can i shift since the weather conditions ain’t adding up for my health?

  44. Hello,i have been placed at Piomeer University to undertake BCOM but i wish to do it from KCA.How do i vo about with the interuniversitu transfer?And will i join with the others?

  45. Hello, I’m Austin Odhiambo, will be 2.1 BSc. Statistics and Muranga University. I sat kcse in 2016 and got a B+ can I transfer to jkuat to study the same course, I’m in so much stress please advise 0740463021

  46. Hello, I’m Austin Odhiambo, will be 2.1 BSc. Statistics at Muranga University. I sat kcse in 2016 and got a B+ can I transfer to jkuat to study the same course, I’m in so much stress please advise 0740463021

  47. iam a 2017 candidate and i wish to transfer from my current university,to tum for 2019/2020 ,when is it open for students to transfer specifically continuing and can i join as a first year or second

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