KU’s Tripple E Brought Heaven Closer to Comrades Last Week


It was two nights of entertainment for theatre and music lovers at Kenyatta University.This was on 14th and 15 May 2015(last week Thursday and Friday).

Triple E’s theatre show and the lovephobic concert on 4th and 5th respectively made sure comrades’ nights were well spent.

Triple E theatre staged their play ‘mama nani nipe 2’. The show started at 7.30 going late into the night.

Triple E theatre was voted the  best performing Arts group at Kenyatta University Students Association (KUSA) awards held late March this year.The award winning group did not dissappoint.Gauging from their show,the award was well deserved.It was evident that their fans had a good time as they were laughing and would ocassionally give the cast a standing ovation.

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The show was well packaged. Apart from the play, the audience got to enjoy hilarious skits, dances, stand up comedy and spoken word pieces from the creative team.

The Lovephobic concert organised by the KUSA organising secretary,Washington Shamela, went down at the Harambee Hall right in the heart of Kenyatta university.This was from7pm to 11.07pm.The show hosted various spoken word artistes who entertained and inspired the audience with their well thought out lines.

The main act of the night was H-art the band.They wowed the audience with their killer hits ‘uliza kiatu’,’ndakhuyanza’ and ‘am lovephobic.’Despite the technical hitches with the sound system, the band still managed to pull out a show of a kind.

These two nights were a showcase of outstanding talent at KU.It is upto comrades to grasp opportunities to grow their talent.

*Triple E stands for : entertaining,energising and educating.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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