Kyambogo University Students Steal A Valuable Laptop From A Motivational Speaker

speaker giving the talk

They say you will find all the madness and also mad people in campus then one motivational speaker proved this right. Mr. Ethan Musolini like anyother motivational speaker was so prepared to talk and inspire students of Kyambogo University. And some of them had a plan on how to steal one of his valuables.

Mr.Ethan Musolini realised he was in campus the City of all madness the hard way. When he found out that his expensive laptop that he had left in the car is no longer there. You don’t act rich around Campus, not just anyother Campus but Kyambogo university campus.

While he busy inspiring hundreds of young entrepreneurs at a career fair
hosted by Daily Monitor and KFM, a bunch of goons also got inspired to break into his car and make away with the valuable laptop.

The speaker, one Mr Ethan Musolini took to Facebook to appeal to anyone who knows the whereabouts of his laptop to return to him and get a N50, 000 Reward- now you don’t reward goons for stealing your sexy laptop…
According to the Facebook post, Musolini claims the laptop had valuable information he could not afford to lose including his family’s vital health information.

We Are Hiring!! Writer

Let’s hope he gets back his thing.

Source >>> Campus Insider.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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