LADIES ONLY: Do not expect your man to do this for you.


Lady and the man. Who should play a bigger role towards the other, who should do what for who. A lot of men usually complain of their ladies wanting too much from them. Ladies requesting too much from them. To bad things have changed. Ladies don’t want to look desperate. This is because they are not desperate.

For any serious lady this what you shouldn’t expect your man to do for you.

To be honest with you dears. In rare occasions will a man surprise you. How many times have you surprised him and he have not done it in return. You remember that day. Your birthday. You waited for a surprise the whole day. Only for him to call at six in the evining complaining how tired he is. You have seen Damian surprise his lady with that Lamborghini. Girl this Africa. He doesnt even own a Subaru. How will he do that. Be a lady. Go out. Buy that dress you had not planned for. Suprise yourself dear. You wait for surprise from him and it will tear you apart.

Ladies, you are a party girl. You like clubbing? don’t wait for your man to take you there. To start with it will be more fun if you party or club with your friends. No restriction. You dance with anybody. You toast on anything. You crack any joke. Our men are different. He will not take you out because you are too pretty. He thinks you easily fall on cute guys. He has self esteem issues. He thinks his friends are cuter than him. He is afraid they might steal your attention. Wait, your man thinks you will spend too much out there, he won’t take you out. He is saved and although partying is not a sin, he won’t take you out. Come on, be a lady. Smartly dress and take yourself out. Show him you can.

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Girl, you are not a gold digger and you know that. He doesn’t have to contribute to your smartness. In fact he also keeps long uncombed hair. He thinks you maintain your nails just with a nail cutter. Dress yourself, visit that beauty therapy. Get your nails done. Use that beautiful cuttex. Again your hair. Choose the best hairdo. Don’t be too mean to yourself. Spend as much as you can on your body. That way you will show him you love yourself so much. To the extent of not depending on anyone. Be a lady. Spend on yourself.

Dear, you know that it is your house. The landlord will be knocking sooner or later. You knew you will be paying even before you settled. Perhaps you’ve been paying before you met him. Continue paying. He has his too. Let him come over the weekend and find that payment receipt over there. Show him you know how to manage your money. Let him feel guilty of always spending in that house he doesn’t contribute a penny. Be a lady. Do it yourself.



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