Laikipia University Goes to the Ballot as Presidential Race Remains Unpredictable


As we welcome the holiday season with hopes of good and peaceful times,few kilometers from Nakuru County Kenya,the script is twisted. Tomorrow 2nd of December 2016 when the nation will be waking up to and get to terms with the just released KCPE results, Laikipia university will be waking up and heading to the polls.

The voters (students) are expected to turn out in large numbers and vote a new students union into office. A union that is expected not only to spearhead the students affairs for the next academic year but also that which will link them(Electorates ) with the bosses(Administration). It has been a short time of campaign and various aspirants are on record complaining but all said, they are all ready for the big day tomorrow .

Unlike previous elections, this time it is hard to predict. Laikipian elections are not that aggressive as compared to other campuses but this time round we have seen a more vibrant campaign both offline and offline. Miruka Evans of the Tsunami fame seem to be having a good portion of the noise on his favor,Ambasa baba has it too when it comes to ground influence and loyal fans ,Polly Zablon and Bahati are also expected to pull a huge surprise on the electorate ,something placing the presidential docket as the hotly contested among  other seat.

All the aspirants command almost equal share of traction and its difficult to predict which direction the votes will take.The winner will be that candidate who will maximize on silent campaign this evening and push out their voters to get out in the cold and brave the long lines at the polling stations.

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Mumo seem to be leading the finance pack pulling a really huge show in the last few days of campaigns. Her online team has also been active on social media ever since she declared her interest in the seat. She has no reason to celebrate yet ,like they say an hour in politics is a long time and things can change. Another person who has been on it from the executive docket is One Lilian Muli,going for the post of gender and health affairs.

Muli has been personally on the streets and she has been felt just like the other competitors in the same category.These elections will be won by those who have a huge traction from the first and second years and most people vote based on their personal interaction with the aspirant,the conversation they have shared earlier on and what he/she has seen the aspirant do long before they decided to go into politics.

All the aspirants have put in work and they all expect to win as long as the election remain peaceful and free.By the end of the day tomorrow Laikipia University wbill have  a new students union ready to be sworn in.Time will tell who will form part of that union.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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