Laikipia University Organising Secretary Advices on How to Make it in Campus Politics.


We are all aware that politics in campus is really a big deal and is not different from the real politics, only that the students from that particular campus are allowed to vote.Ever wondered how a campus politician makes it to the top?It takes more than just money .But let us get it from one Zablon Mogesi Weibe popularly known as Chacha-Organizing Secretary- Laikipia University Student Organization(LUSO).

Well..he first starts off by recalling how prefects in his high school mistreated their fellow students. That was when he decided that enough was enough never would he stand back and look at his fellow humans being treated badly.On joining campus he vied for the post of the Second Year Representative where he missed by a margin of three votes. Anyway he did good and that was the first step in building a solid foundation for his political career.But during last year’s election he won by a margin of five hundred votes which is just awesome.He further says that of all campus politics, UoN politics is his favourite.

Zablon goes on further to confirm that for one to make it in politics,you must be very smart.He aspires to be a leader in his Migori County and looks up to his governor.

Well due to the rising cases of insecurity in campuses,he hopes to create awareness on safety measures which will help curb such incidents.
Clearly for him to be where he is right now,it needs a lot of determination,passion and hardwork.He has made it known that he not only represents Laikipia as the Organizing Secretary to the LUSO but also at a regional level -Students Of Migori County(SOMICO) and consequently at a national level National University Students Organization(NUSO).He really is something…but as they say..politics is only for the chosen few..from me..I wish him all the best.So for those who would like to pursue politics ,I hope this one helps. Of course all of us would like to be the creme de la creme of any campus but we all can’t .We have seen famous faces such as that one of Babu Owino and maybe some day he will be my guest.

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We Are Hiring!! Writer


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