#LaikipiaDecides: Laikipia University Eats,Sips,Sniffs Politics,Its An Election Like No Other


Seven campuses,Different students ,different weather and colors,welcome to Laikipia University,based in Nyahururu,it is the premier of education(Arts) in the entire nation.The fact that Laikipia University started as a primary school is evidence enough to prove that it is surely meant to transform masses.50 meters from Nakuru town breathes the main campus,the rather silent and peaceful home of beautiful scenery and good minds is now a political field,students union elections are here ,the whole place is littered with politics,every students election comes with its own challenges and style,this year Laikipia will witness one of the most competitive students elections in the history of the University.

Eligible candidates were yesterday cleared by the electoral commission and its all guns blazing,the “Red white” university is starting to get littered with political posters and banners,the social media is getting even crazy with so much political witch hunt going on mostly on Facebook.A lot of groups have been formed .When no one is watching ,aspirants are merging on tribal lines based on who has the numbers and which corner has the loudest noise makers.At the end of the day politics favors the loudest ,politics is supporters making noise and drinking booze and the politicians walking around dressed in suits ,looking angelic,greeting every student they come across.

When the sun goes down each day at Laikipia university calls are made,meetings are held,candidates are frustrated,texts are sent,magic of surnames run through the veins ,most aspirants resort to their local dialect just to prove that they are “Enough” to the task ,but then how does one win a students election given the environment we have at Laikipia?

Its never that serious,you must have a good poster,banners and fliers,i mean good not like those i have seen on Facebook,a presidential aspirant cannot have a poster that makes you think we are back to 1995 when politicians put on oversized suits,black and white posters plus some colonial pose.Come on!

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You must also be on the ground and capitalize on door-to -door campaign,its so effective ,very effective,these students out here are tired so you have to talk to them at their comfort zones,bring on more of the noise three days to elections,feed your team with drinks and let them shout your name loud enough. Maintain a tight social media team ,finally have your story and manifesto featured on Magazine Reel so that it can reach the entire university in a minute. We wish Laikipia a peaceful elections.

To have your manifesto/story featured on Magazine Reel at an affordable fee,contact Caleb Koyo on 0712121548 or Send Mail to koyocalleb@gmail.com



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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