Leaders are Not Defined By Their Circumstances


The recent public outcry of disparities in form one selection conjured visions of my grandmother’s folktales in my mind. After taking a ride down memory lane, a specific folktale brazenly came to the fore because it drew parallels with the current situation. By then, I didn’t have the cognitive ability of sieving out the moral of the story.  But after years of cognitive development, I can unequivocally state that the story invalidates the platitudes that are being uttered by the majority who missed a slot in national schools.

Once upon a time, there lived a boy who had a penchant for picking wild fruits from a small forest neighboring their homestead. One day as he was busy going through his recurrent hobby, he stumbled upon an eagle’s egg. Since they had a hen that was almost hatching, he decided to add the eagle’s egg to the others that their hen had laid. After hatching, the chicks and the eaglet walked together without realizing that they were of different species.
eagletAfter sometime, the eaglet realized that it was different from the other chicks. It even went ahead to flap its wings and flew for a while. As time progressed, even the other chicks identified their differences. They knew the eaglet had special abilities which they didn’t have. The eaglet could fly, it was more strong compared to the chicks and above all, its feathers and sound was different from the rest. The glaring differences reinforced its resolve to flap its wings and fly away to where it belonged. Its immediate environment didn’t change it from being an eaglet into a chick.

The moral of the story; a man’s wisdom, leadership ability, intellectual acumen or any innate ability transcends his immediate environment. Let me use the post-election violence experienced in 2007 as corroborative evidence. When the violence broke out, we had entrepreneurs whose business empires which they had built for years went up in flames. They ended up being IDPs and had to be relocated by the government with little finances to start a new life. Right now, those affected entrepreneurs are even financially better than some of us who were not affected. The environment never took away their innate abilities.

A student’s performance is not hinged on the name of the school he goes to. If you take a below average student to a national school, he will not undergo a seismic transformation and become above average student. On the other hand, above average student won’t metamorphose into an intellectual dwarf when he is taken to a local unknown school.  That’s the rule of the thumb.

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Let me give a graphic description of my assertion. If you take all Alliance High School students to Ingolomosio Secondary School and take all Ingolomosio Secondary School students to Alliance High School and maintain the variables, Ingolomosio Secondary School will perform better than Alliance High School one year down the line.

If you take all Kenyan citizens to USA and take all USA citizens to Kenya, USA will be a third world country while Kenya will be a superpower 20 years down the line. So it’s not the environment or circumstances that define one’s innate abilities. If you are a leader, your leadership qualities will sprout anywhere, the prevailing circumstances notwithstanding.

If you are a student, your performance will be insulated from the name of the school you are in. if you are a corrupt leader, your corrupt tendencies won’t cease when you are transferred to a different department. A monkey will remain to be a monkey, whether it’s in the forest or in the zoo. Therefore, leaders are not defined by their circumstances.




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