Lecturers Attend to Empty Lecture Halls, Students Insist on Return to Campus Formulae

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Lecturers who called off their nationwide strike just a day ago after striking a new CBA deal with the government are finding hard time attending lectures. Lecturers in several universities across the country have been forced to postpone or call of classes due to lack of students. Reports compiled by Magazine Reel indicate that close to half of the students population is yet to travel back to their respective institutions despite order to do so by yesterday. In Moi university, pictures of lecturers attending to empty lecture halls have been doing rounds on social media.

In several universities including JKUAT, KU, Egerton, Maseno, Moi and MMUST, learning started yesterday with several lecturers attending to their duties. The said universities gave out internal memos and notices to both students and members of staff demanding that they be present at the institution immediately after UASU had called off the nationwide lecturers strike.

Students on the other hand have maintained that they need a time frame to prepare and marshal resources to go back to the institutions. Yesterday, a group of students drawn from different campuses in Kenya told Magazine Reel that it would be difficult for them to head back to the institution as soon as it is required because it was not their fault that led to them going back home. A number of student leaders also called on university management to enter into an agreement with the students and come up with a proper and fair date to report back to the university.

The students demanded that the rule touching on attendance of lectures should be suspended for at least two weeks to exempt them from any punishment that might result from it. The rule or guidelines require students to attend atleast 80% of all the lectures failure to which he or she will be deemed to have differed studies. Though not seriously implemented by various universities, the students view it as a stumbling block to their freedom.

The students through their leaders have said that the university should agree to a Return to Campus formulae and allow them stream into campus for up to two weeks before they start their programmes. Other institutions such as Egerton university however have been able to convince the student leadership to recall all the students back to the Njoro based campus as soon as possible. Antony Mumo, a student leader at Egerton University has today issued an internal memo to all students informing them that the semester activities received yesterday and that every student is expected to attend all the lectures.

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