Linda Okello VS The Police Dress Code


Linda Okello is a name that has become synonymous with a big booty in the past few weeks. This came after she was caught on camera keeping law and order at the KCB Home loan Safari rally. Her photos immediately went viral on line courtesy of her visible booty that was under a tight skirt. A case in point is the #KenyansforLindaOkello that trended for some days on Twitter after it was alleged that she will be reprimanded by her seniors for dressing indecently. I’ll nonetheless look at this issue objectively deviating from majority of Kenyans who have got a penchant for reacting emotionally on social issues.

policeLinda Okello’s saga reminds me of the famous quote that was once made by my former psychology lecturer. She said, “There is nobody who is abnormal in any society. It’s the changing environment that makes a person seem abnormal.” For example, it’s normal to see a lady wearing a bikini in a beach but it’s abnormal to see the same lady wearing the same bikini in an office. Nothing has changed about the lady apart from the environments she is in.

Now, let me bring you up to speed where I am heading to so that you do not start being alarmed that this is a terrible red herring. Every organization or institution has got its own dress code stipulated for its employees to adhere to. The waiters, Bartenders, Travel agents, Front office managers, Air hostesses, etc have got their own unique dress codes. Nobody has ever bothered to question their dress codes. The Kenya Police has got also its own dress code. When the dress code was issued out in July 2013, it didn’t raise any storm as it is now raising after Linda Okello broke the Police dress code rules.

An excerpt from the dress code circular that was issued on July 2013 states that, “Police officers have been barred from applying lipstick or wearing fashionable clothes, bangles and big earrings while on duty. The only recommended clothing is the one issued by the police force. The officer found with the banned items will have breached Force standing order CAP 37 and the National Police Service Act 2011 Section 87-88 and will be liable to punishment.” It is evident that Linda altered the size of the skirt that she was given and by doing that, she broke the Police dress code. This means that she is supposed to face a disciplinary action from her seniors.

Instead of supporting the law to be upheld, most gullible Kenyans (especially men) who have got no inkling of what the Police dress code stipulates, ended up supporting the ignorant police officer to break the law. The Air hostesses, the Waiters and other professionals that fall in the same category are permitted to wear the way Linda was without raising eye brows because their dress codes says so. But the Police Force is a different organization offering unique services. The law cannot be bend to accommodate a single law breaker. Let the law take its course and let’s not let emotions substitute our rational thinking.

If Linda Okello wants to be a socialite and give the likes of Vera Sidika, Faith and Corazon a run for their money, she should first resign from the Police Force before throwing her hat in the socialite ring. If she still wants to remain in the Force, let her toe the line like other Police officers and shouldn’t expect to be given preferential treatment. She should not expect to be a socialite and a Police officer at the same time. These are two mutually exclusive professions.

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  1. the right of reply standards and I beg to disagree with you Brother Jobic …. the lady might was innocently wearing a dress issued to her why are we so enraged about it was she naked ….just asking

  2. could just tell me how sure you are that the lady manipulated har skirt in order to suit her desires?
    as a feminist i disagree with you. Do you know how rarely the lady police officers get supplied with their uniforms?
    It could be just that linda had outgrown her skirt and was yet to be supplied with another.

  3. Thanks for your feedback Ken Manasseh and Kags Wald. The reason why I said that the lady manipulated her skirt is that in an entire police force population, she is the only one with a tight skirt. If whatever you are alleging is true, then we are supposed to see more samples with tight skirts. But the mere fact that she was the only one donning a tight skirt, rings an alarm bell to me.

  4. Show me any organization that allows its employees to do other activities while they are on duty and I will show you an organization that is quickly running towards liquidation. so my prompt answer is, yes, police officers are barred from becoming socialites.

  5. Is having a big booty a crime? Why else would you relate the police officer to Vera Sidika?


  6. wewe Jobic don’t make assumptions how can you say with such certainty that she manipulated her skirt; in the absence of evidence to your allegation then you are the same as those alleging she outgrew her provided skirt. . . Simply put none of us has all the details

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