Maasai Mara University’s Long Holiday that was too Long for Words

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By Edwin Wallace

Following the strike that occurred late last year causing the indefinite closure of Maasai Mara University, students were forced to pack their belongings and leave the institution.

The University assessed the damage incurred and therefore agreed to fine each student Ksh 5000 which was to be paid upon resuming of studies.
Despite all these, there are two lots that suffered the most for they didn’t resume studies with the rest of the students. These are the 2.1 and 3.2s.
The former took to social media to openly complain about this but nothing changed in the long run.The latter chose to remain calm since they have taken longer in school than the time that’s stipulated in the curriculum.
They understood that doing so would only do more harm than good for them.

After the nationwide strike of lecturers which took a couple of months, the groups in session successfully completed their Semester and also sat for their end of semester exams.

In June, the two groups after what seemed to be a century returned to complete the initially terminated semester.
They all came back with mixed reactions to this but they could do nothing about it.All was not well though. There was a developing story that caught everyone’s attention and it got them talking.

Most shared their thoughts on this as some even went ahead to post it in the famous Maasai Mara University New Comrades Watchdog group in Facebook. A large number of gravid students in the institution raised eyebrows.

As usual, in any argument, there are always two sides to it.On one side there are those who are in opposition to the thing in question and there are those who support it on the other.
Most ladies came out openly in defence of their sisters drawing their argument from personal experience and what they can relate to.Their male counterparts on the other side were quick to condemn this and even called for an increase of condoms at the health unit.
Truth be said, the holiday was too long and whatever happened during this period shouldn’t be blamed on anyone.
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