Madison Group Launches Uniplan, an Ultimate University Savings Plan

Madison Uniplan

Madison group through Madison Insurance has today launched a Uniplan product aimed at saving ultimately to achieve your university dreams in future. The event launched at Villa Rosa Kempiski was graced by Commission for University Education (CUE) executive officer Professor David Some, HELB CEO Charles Ringera and other top education ministry officials.

David Some who represented Dr Fred Matiangi at the event indicated that the number of universities has increased from 31 in 2010 to 72 in 2017. He said that the need for university education is higher among the youth than in the previous years.

Through his speech read by David Some, Matiangi indicated that fee payment problem is the main hindrance to university education in Kenya. He said that the Madison Uniplan assurance policy will go along way in ensuring that Kenya gives life to a child through financing his or her education.

Madison Uniplan will have a specific saving period between 5 to 15 years. It targets students both in high school and university. According to the chairman of the group, the plan will also be open to other older individuals. The savings plan will cater for tuition fees, accommodation fees, living fees and other expenses upon its maturity. Madison Uniplan will go along way in securing the future of children even when their parents are gone.


The insurance company also targets postgraduate students and employees who will be looking to further their studies in 5 to 15 years to come. The group said that it looks forward to impacting the lives of several other Kenyans to ensure that non defers studies due to fee payment problem as is the norm today.


Professor Some who also sits at the board in HELB said that the Uniplan will help ease burden shouldered by the main financier currently. He said that HELB currently supports close to 260,000 students in universities and tertiary institutions. He also projected that the number of beneficiaries in tertiary institutions will be slightly higher following KCSE perfomance last year.

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