Maseno Freshers, Here is what the Campus has to Offer

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By George Munyasia

After the long awaited campus life, the big day is here. But you don’t know where to start, what to eat, where to whet your adventurous landscaping appetite…

First things first. Accommodation is the first priority here.

Getting an accommodation at Equator Estates, Siriba campus, may land you a lifetime opportunity of sleeping with your head in the Northern hemisphere and legs in the Southern hemisphere!Though the place is mainly reserved for male medical students. So do not be so sure about it. It’s also the quietest place, if you prefer a peace of mind.

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You may as well book an apartment or room a mile away from the campus. They start from 15,000 to 40,000 per semester, depending on their distance from the campus, their class – and security level of the place for some real estate owners. For instance, the nearest classiest is called Space; a high-end, self-contained apartment with a strong internet network, perhaps because of the less clutter around it. It also boasts of its serene environment defined with modern interior decor and the well-tended soft grass beneath the well-guarded two storey building. The bottom line is the security of the place, but other factors like rent, good internet network connection, distance (and an understanding caretaker) are also important for any student. You may as well look for a friend and pay 5,000 shillings each for the cheapest accommodation. Your bargaining skill may also trigger the sympathy of the caretaker and save as much as 3,000 shillings.

It’s true that campus life is nowadays a bit more expensive as compared to old days; students used to get free food at the mess. A couple of years ago, foods and snacks on the campus cost a few pennies. One could get a huge mound of rice and a mouth-watering stew at only 2 shillings. Yes, you heard that right. But you can save some pennies by cooking at your room or going to the mess, which has no variety of dishes though.

Just to name a few, the so much praised only university at the equator also have the biggest library and laboratory, all planned for years and built within the metrics of the laid, elegant architectural impression. So, do not budget for books or research materials. The newly finished administration block at the college campus also does little to catch your attention. Facing the lush green playing ground, the curved, furnished tallest building in the campus is rumored to host important meetings and will also be a new workplace for the most important departments. That means there will be less walking as the student services will be offered in one place.

If you love shopping in the best for the best then Lemigo Supermarket has almost everything you need stuffed in the shelves intended to befit your taste. Although it is the only university on the campus, its prices are crazy low. The CEO says he has plans to include groceries so that in a cold weather, you only spend only a few minutes to collect your cooking ingredients all at arm’s reach and rush back to the room. In case you can’t brave the cold for the few minutes, then you’re welcome to grab an espresso at Classic café that stands abreast the supermarket.

Anything too pressing? You can always check on the Vice Chancellor (VC), who is not always at your disposal but you can try your luck. Optionally, student leaders (SOMU) are always around, in their offices at the Student Centre or in their houses. Their contacts are also availed to the students on admission day.

If you’re religious, please get your heart ready, because this is where you will get a full worship experience with a diverse dialect and programs. There is a well-organized Christian Union and a Mosque on the campus grounds. Chapels and reserved worship places are also in the compound to ensure the privacy of intercessors and room for prayer and fasting sessions.

Wait… don’t drown yourself in partying and forget that there are ‘resits’ and expulsions in case of repetitive under-performance in your exams. Play your cards well and cherish your wise decisions after graduation.

I am only allowed a few sentiments here, so come and see for yourselves. Happy campus life ‘comrade’!



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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