Maseno University; A Haven for Young Investors

Mr. Jack Kimani holding some of the registration material of M SACCO. He runs a micro finance firm in Maseno University that enables students to make daily savings.
Mr. Jack Kimani holding some of the registration material of M SACCO. He runs a micro finance firm in Maseno University that enables students to make daily savings.

By George Munyasia

With so little money in their accounts to cater for basic needs, students have resolved to delve into various investment ideas which have paid back handsomely. Some have even stayed back at the campus after their graduation to continue growing their startups.

There is no secret here. The chances of making it big are high if you chose to offer a service on demand, even if there is stiff competition. A university like Maseno, for example, has at least 10,000 students according to the latest analytics. You have not included the community and workers on the compound.

Over the past few years, students have been running businesses like salons, cyber cafés, academic assignments help, coffee shops, play stations, and many more. Businesses like play stations thrive in all seasons, except when students close for holidays.

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A coffee seller at Maseno is making an average monthly profit of 10,000 shillings in low season, that is during hot weather. And there are only 2 recognized coffee shops, which give a wide range of drinks, from espresso to café latte, cappuccino to mochaccino, long black to flat white.This is just but an example of early opportunity which if grabbed early can be a good platform to make money as you study the market and maybe get some revenue to start up more investments. Other consistent-income small business opportunities are drinks vending, groceries, selling foods, and more.

Rumors have it that the former Maseno University president, Fredrick Makajos had some shares in a once-famous restaurant, Ndege Tausi, which due to unknown reasons was dissolved. The restaurant was well-furnished and spacious, fit for people from top echelons of the society, but surprisingly, their prices were arguably low for such a place. Perhaps that was a good way of starting off, but then they still failed. The restaurant could have survived up to date if it was advertised more, and if more services were included (to beat their predecessors) by asking students their unmet expectations.

As earlier said, smart investors don’t get discouraged by competition, but figure out what their rivals are not doing; what the customers are asking for, or what may make them more satisfied. Real estate investors at Maseno are our look-up-to guys here. Even with more vacant rooms in some apartments, they are still planning and building. They have studied the game and don’t want to leave anything to chance.

One of the major reasons why most students have failed in entrepreneurship is lack of funds to set up a business and keep it running. Well, if you have heard of selling stocks then it’s time to read about it and implement it. This allows you to start (big) and the shareholders help you fuel up the business with financial support and ideas on the way. This shareholder can be your roommate or classmate, just anyone who is willing. At the end of the day, everyone walks away happy.

Stay alert for a September one-on-one interview report with Maseno University students who are making a good income out of their investments. See you then.



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