Maseno University Elevates Region to Town Status

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In a Kenya Gazzete Notice, Maseno has been made a town within Kisumu County.

Kisumu County Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o is expected to preside over the ceremony tomorrow Thursday 10th September 2020. Prof Nyong’o will be alongside his Vihiga counterpart Wilber Ottichilo.

Among the factors which has made the region to be elevated to a town status is Maseno University main campus. The higher learning institution with about 15,000 students every year has turned the once quiet region into a lively corridor with full market potential for various goods.

The new town in the country will be classified as an educational centre.

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Located in Kisumu West Sub County, Maseno now joins other four urban centres in the region including Ahero in Nyando, Muhoroni, Kombewa in Seme and Katito in Nyakach.

Kisumu County executive for Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development Dixon Obungu said the county has set aside an initial Sh16 million in this financial year to develop amenities like street lights, drainage and solid waste management system.

“Maseno town will be headed by a Town Administrator who will be in charge of the day-to-day management of the city as well as a number of staff,” he said on Monday in one of the local radio stations.

He also revealed that some people will be displaced and compensated as the county is demarcating various areas to construct facilities like roads, dispensaries and schools.

“We will soon gazette the government land while those who have illegally encroached should be prepared to leave,” he said, adding that the town is expected to attract investors.

Since the centre has grown as a result of Maseno University and Maseno School, Mr Obungu pointed out that most of the facilities will be aligned to complement the educational centre.

“We are considering to build a research centre and light industries to support thousands of residents who live in the fast-growing town,” he said.



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