Maseno University Launches an Extra Ordinary E-Learning Campus

Maseno university

By Farrant Troon

The working class students and professionals with  tight schedules at their  work place that cannot allow them to attend class  physically and other parties who are far from Maseno City Campus but would like to take a course at Maseno university  have a reason to smile after the e-learning portal  was upgraded and nicknamed the E.campus. The facility was set in place and has  already registered students who are pursuing different level of education from  certificates level  to Masters Degree.

There was joy among students who mostly hate attending lecture classes and would rather stay at home and take the e-learning option.All one need to do is visit the registrars office and log on to the e-campus website,choose a course of his or her desire and get registered. One is assigned a lecturer who will be posting questions for the students and given a timeline to submit their work whereby the total score is marked out of five per question with an option of re- trying a question that one has failed.

The use of the e- campus portal is made easier since there is an online orientation the student is taken through  after every new semester by the e- campus administrator. The e -learning is also made simpler by the e-library option that is also hosted in the website.One just need to download the recommended Module books and read them online to ensure they get the needed information the same level as the students attending classes who fill the libraries scouring information for their take away cats and exams too.

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The students course number is used as the user name and the telephone or ID number as the password.The cost for each module is around 5400 with other costs like website maintenance cost,Exam registration also chargeable.

We Are Hiring!! Writer

Major courses offered in the E- campus include:

Business administration


Social Sciences


Political science


Monitoring and Evaluation

Acturial science


As learning goes digital many are anticipated to join the e-campus to pursue courses they yearn for at one of the best universities in East Africa.



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