Maseno University Unveil New Voting Policies in Campus Politics

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The government recently decided to come up with a new ‘constitution’ concerning campus politics which was not received well by a majority of the university students.The new law restricts students seeking political seats from engaging in vigorous campaigns.

With a renaming of posts, the president will now be known as the chairman. New policies also advocate for equal opportunities for all genders the chairman or chairwoman expected to have a running mate of the opposite sex. The new changes are expected to save the institution’s budgets reducing the monthly wage bills which were previously inflated with several people handling one post. A few more posts have been introduced including Secretary for Gender, Secretary for Minorities, Secretary for the Disabled and Secretary of Cultural Affair. The only political aspirants who would run on a single ticket would be the Secretary-General and the Finance Secretary.

As part of the new changes, voting will be left to Congress, which is comprised of three students from each school/department. And while choosing the three who will be representing their school in the Congress, the third gender rule must be observed to ensure gender parity. bribed for votes, for those who used to do so, and the politicians will hate the number of posts that have been stripped off. All in all, this cannot kill our comradeship and the Congress should pick responsible leaders on behalf of the entire students.

The new policies will definitely reduce the number of cases of bribery and vote buying. The change marks a new era for campus politics at Maseno University.

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