Medical Students Accused of Abetting Abortions


As the rate of unsafe abortion continues to raise concern, fingers have been pointed at medical students and doctors in public hospitals for perpetuating the vice.

During interviews in Kisumu with residents and clients who are privy to places where the vice is rife, many accused medical students from a public university and a training college of carrying out abortions.

The vice is rampant in the informal settlements of Obunga.

Even though the law stipulates that only qualified doctors should carry out abortions, quacks have been operating secretly in Kisumu, providing abortion services for girls or women who do not want to carry their pregnancies to term.

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In Obunga slum, rogue doctors and some medical students prey on young girls who stream into their backdoor clinics for abortions.

Although some of the abortions have been successful, other cases have had complications that have led to death.

There is a medical facility on the Kisumu-Busia road that charges between Sh4,000 – Sh5,000 per abortion.

Reports also showed that some chemists in town also provide abortions and issue prescriptions afterwards.

A nurse confessed that sometimes even if the mother’s life is not in danger, some doctors propose that the woman undergoes the painful process to earn some cash.

“We know what kills pregnant women, and most of the causes are preventable. The leading causes of these deaths are abortions, bleeding and infections,” said Kisumu Medical and Education Trust Director Monica Ogutu. However, Maseno University School of Medicine Sstudents’ Association Chairman Ndungu Machatha said it was absurd to imagine that students are involved in providing abortion services.

“Students lack that technical ability to carry out abortions, and I will be the first person to report any student who attempts to undertake such an exercise,” said Mr Machatha.

Investigations revealed that in Kakamega, a number of medical practitioners have mobile clinics that offer abortion services.



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