Meet Egerton University Chancellor And The Team That Makes The Institution World Class

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When nobody is watching ,when everyone is busy going about their duties at Egerton University,few key players are sitting in some office somewhere,holding meetings,enduring long travels,making phone calls just to ensure that the university runs in order and everything falls in place,the following ,inter Alia are some of the individuals who run Egerton University day and night,there is always a team behind a team,for now we focus on the team.

The Chancellor

PROFESSOR SHEM OYOO WANDIGA, EBS, FRSC Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Nairobi

The Chancellor Egerton University
The Chancellor Egerton University

Professor Wandiga was born on 22nd September 1939 in Kendu Bay, Homa Bay County. He is married with five children. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry (June 1967) from Howard University, Washington DC, Master of Science in Chemistry (January 1972) University of Maryland, USA and Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (June 1972) from Case Western, Reserve University-USA. In addition to English and local languages, Professor Wandiga has reading knowledge in German, French and Spanish.

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The University Council :

The University Council consists of nine members; The Chairman and five members who are appointed by the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Education, Science and Technology. Other members are the Principal Secretary responsible for Education,Science and Technology, Principal Secretary responsible for National Treasury and the Vice-Chancellor as ex-officio member and secretary to the council.According to the University’s Act (2012), Council members hold office for a term of four years.The may be the executive body the universities governance system and may also in most cases act as the official  advisory body to the university president,

Vice Chancellor :Prof Rose A Mwonya (Dip.(Egerton), B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.(Iowa)

Born in a small Village in Uganya,Siaya County,Rose is a true example of transformation,she undertook her diploma studies in the same university she now governs,she understands the struggle of the girl child and that of the boy.The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the University, and is appointed by the Cabinet Secretary , Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in consultation with the University Council.

Vice Chancellor Egerton University
Vice Chancellor Egerton University

The Vice-Chancellor is answerable to the Egerton University Council for the overall management of the University, and is the Chair of the University Management Board and the Senate

Deputy Vice Chancellors

Coming closely after the VC,Egerton university has three deputy vice chancellors in charge of different sectors and wings in the management of the institution .

DVC Academic Affairs:

With a mission of providing high quality education for undergraduate and graduate students and contribute to knowledge and skills through excellence and destination in teaching, research and services.This division is headed by Professor Alexander Kahi .


The division is headed by a Deputy Vice Chancellor who is in charge of all Academic Affairs including academic programmes, Library services and students welfare.It has 17 sections that includes all the faculties not to mention the dean of students.

DVC Administration and Finance:

Headed by Prof.  S.W. Wachanga ,the  division is responsible for  management of the University’s human, financial, information technology and physical resources by ensuring the provision of integrated and efficient administrative services to the University.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) is responsible for supporting the Vice-Chancellor on all matters of administration, management and leadership. The DVC is responsible for the development and implementation of sound financial and administrative policies, control and procedures that ensure the realization of the University’s mission, vision and strategic objectives.

DVC Research and extension:

It is through this division that Egerton University conducts research that generates new knowledge, technologies and innovations that benefit communities within and outside Kenya. The research projects in the Division seek to provide practical/ innovative solutions to societal and global problems based on Kenya’s national policies and priorities as well as market needs.

Prof Mwangi .DVC(Research and extension)
Prof Mwangi .DVC(Research and extension)

To address issues of food insecurity, for instance, Kenya needs to increase the productivity of its crops and livestock by using proper farm management techniques, planting high yielding and drought tolerant hybrid seeds, giving adequate and balanced rations to our livestock, controlling post-harvest losses and ensuring value addition and efficient marketing of our farm products.University researchers endeavor to explain how this can be done sustainably .It is headed by Prof John Mwangi.

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