Meet Eugene Ogello: Passion For Art and Modelling Is Soon Turning His Life Around


His latest modeling snapshots vividly depict him as a rising star in the field. Eugene ogello speaks about his new found passion.

Magazine Reel: Tell us about yourself

Eugene: Am a Kenyan, based in Kisumu, with love for art, music and modeling. My stage name is MCK

Magazine Reel: How are you finding modeling?

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Eugene: Am finding it very interesting. Taking pictures, traveling and keenly following new trends in fashion as well as meeting new friend makes it that fascinating although i must admit that am new in the field.

eugene1Magazine Reel: How did you realize you had potential in modeling and music?

Eugene: I love art in general, both drawing, singing as well as dancing. I never knew I could do that well in modeling until a friend of mine who does both indoor and outdoor photo shoot with a company called House of Mayoms told me to try modelling and therefore connected me to Delan Models, the agency that i have been working with. My photos were just outstanding and that’s when i realized that i have a prospective in it.

eugene2Magazine Reel: Tell us about your Hit

Eugene: It’s called ‘Gaga’. I released it in late July this year. It’s hip-hop with Afro beats. The song was just an idea of what ,man could go through when he is attracted to a lady but lacks the the confidence to approach her. I was not singing it to a specific lady as many people often think and ask me.

Magazine Reel: Did you want to do music and modeling from childhood?

Eugene: yea, since i was young i loved music and wanted to take it as a career. With modeling, it never crossed my mind although it came about since i loved fashion and generally new trends in dressing.

Magazine Reel: Who are your mentors and role models in in both music and modeling?

Eugene: In modeling, i could say that my friends are my mentors because they are the ones that am close to and motivate me a lot. I admire Octopizzo and i take him as my role model in music, I love the flow in his songs.

Magazine Reel: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Eugene: I would like to be a designer and also possibly open my own modeling agency. In music, i would like to see my self as competitive as any other great Kenyan artist.

Magazine Reel: When should your fans expect your new song?

Eugene: Am working on a new song and it should be out anytime late this year.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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