Meet Leftie the talented artist from Embu


Embu, the land of opportunities. Today magazinereel features one of the talented young artist from Embu. Leftie.

Ahem,,ladies you got to hear this. You love tall dark guys right ? then tarmac no more. Leftie is a tall cute guy. An Embian. Born in Embu. Schooled in Embu. He  has a great sense of fashion. He is also a sociable guy and like talking more so to the youths.

Leftie told magazinereel that his passion for music started when he was little. After clearing high school he decided to venture into music. The decision,he said, has really added impact in his life.

Leftie has done several songs which include Njongoro which he did produce last year.

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Leftie also features Marvelous in his song “Kenya Don be shaken” he produced the song about two months ago after the terror attack at Garrisa university. The song gives Kenyans hope. It encourages  them not to be shaken as everything will be alright.

Leftie said that the song was highly appreciated in the outside world and was played on some of the radio and TV stations. You can also download the song at YouTube.

Leftie also told magazinereel about some of the challenges he faces including lack of finance to produce the songs and money to enable him work with the producer.

He therefore called upon the county government of Embu to consider the talented youths and enable them actualize their dreams.

He however urged the youth to do something constructive and reminded them that life is a race and overtaking is allowed



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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