Meet the Strongest Force in Maseno University Students Politics

From Left to Right: Diana Mberia & Mike Odoyo

Will she be the first First lady of Maseno University? Leave alone the beauty contestants for Mr. and Miss. Maseno who have enjoyed the fame of beauty, the high podiums of cat walk and the sweetness of fame even on national advert bill boards. Diana Mberia, the soul mate to the most likely incoming President for Student’s Organization of Maseno University (SOMU) is a happy lady.

From Left to Right: Diana Mberia & Mike Odoyo
From Left to Right: Diana Mberia & Mike Odoyo

SOMU elections are just a couple of days away. Various contestants are leaving no stones unturned. Every single day, under the scorching sun and howling wind, clapping thunder and heavy showers, the aspirants are determined to get hold of voters. But a rare incident occurred on Sunday, 25th September 2016. One Presidential candidate, Mike Odoyo shook the ground.


A 12 vehicle convoy, with over 5 , Third Generation (J120: 2002-2009) Toyota Land cruiser Prados, and other sleek CMC motor products summing up his convoy shocked Kisumu City and Maseno as whole. The procession began in Kisumu town when they were going to visit the City Campus in a bid to gunner voters. It was business unusual for the residents. “Along the Kisumu-Busia Road, some traffic officers had to follow us thinking that the Governor, Hon. Ranguma was on his way going somewhere without a police escort,” said Mike, amidst broad smile.

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I went on to interview Mike, on why he is the only aspirant with quality A2 sized posters, three banners and T-shirts for his people. “For you to get quality, you must show quality,” he said. “For my manifesto, I would like to see a dialogue based problem solutions rather than violence. That is just a hint of what I expect to deliver. Of course we have no quality services to students living in Vet Farm, which will be addressed. The tribal bursary allocation and corruption embedded in it will also be dealt with. It’s a new regime,” Mike finished.

Diana Mberia had been silent all along in the course of the interview. However, she acknowledged the fact that her other pair of rib will win the elections massively. “I wish him victory, and encourage him to continue being peaceful. There is no scent sweeter than that of success, she concluded.”



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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