Microsoft Executives to Mentor Students, Graduates and Entrepreneurs in Africa

Microsoft Executives to Mentor Students, Graduates and Entrepreneurs in Africa

@iLabAfrica has partnered with Microsoft to roll out a mentorship programme targeting students of all disciplines, graduates and entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Mentorship will come from Microsoft global executives (and those working closely with Entrepreneurs) based in: USA, UK, Israel, Turkey, France, Portugal, India, Denmark, Austria, Indonesia, Dubai, Egypt and more.

With over 100,000 global employees and business partners, Microsoft has a large pool of potential mentors to draw from, covering all functions: HR, IT, legal, finance, engineering, PR, marketing, supply chain, sales, entrepreneurship and more.

The pilot programme involved 20 students, graduates & entrepreneurs from Kenya, proved a large success (testimonials can be read in link below) and they are now looking to expand the same programme. It covered students from Moi, Kenyatta, Strathmore and Nairobi university.

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How the Programme Works

  1. Two Skype calls per month between Mentor and Mentee.
  2. Each Skype will last for approximately an hour.
  3. The Mentee (and not Mentor), will lead the conversations including asking the Mentor questions, leading the topics that they wish to learn more about, setting up the next Skype call, etc. Mentorship is not just about sitting back and listening. Mentorship is about guiding you not telling you what to do with your future. Note: Micrososft Mentors are busy with full time pressured jobs and so selected students & graduates need to be mature, arrive on time for Skypes, submit work early i.e if you want the Mentor to review a document or CV, you give them at least 5 days or more to do so – these are busy people. There is no “leaving everything until the last minute” on this programme.
  4. The students and graduates will lead the programme and suggest next Skype meeting dates i.e every 2 weeks. This programme will last 3 months i.e. 6 skype calls in total.

Application Process

You will be expected to submit an online application form, video interview and answer some short psychometric tests before uploading your two page CV. The process is very simple and for the video interview, you need a webcam and headset (as per Skype), then you simple press Record.

To proceed and would like to be considered for this Mentorship programme, please click HERE to begin your video application form.

KINDLY NOTE:  This is a FREE mentorship programme conducted via Skype. It is an ongoing programme although Mentees will matched with Mentors on a First Come, First Served basis.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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