Miss Agriculture Going Places With Beauty

Miss Agriculture
Mr and Miss Agriculture Egerton University together with Prof. Alexander Kahi (DVC Academic Affairs)

Egerton University through the Faculty of Agriculture organized for a beauty pageant to select the Varsity’s representative in the Agricultural Society of Kenya Show Beauty Pageant that was held in Nakuru. The Mr and Miss Agriculture Egerton pageant brought together the beauties that be at Egerton University to battle it out for the crown. Among the judges was Egerton’s own Wilson Munene who is an international body builder and the Top Fry Advert main cast. Angela Mumbi, a 22 year old student at the Varsity was crowned Miss Agriculture Egerton University. I caught up with her and had a chat about her personality and new role.

Denshispeaks (DS): Who is Angela Mumbi?

Angela: In few words, I would say, Angela mumbi is a a young lady full of life,very social,a go-getter and above all, God-fearing.

DS: How Old are you?

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Angela: I’m 22 years old…Young and strong-hearted (chuckles)

DS: What Course do you take at Egerton…which year?

Angela: I’m a Third year student pursuing Bachelor Of Science (Geography) in the Faculty of Environment and Resources Development.

DS: When did you discover that you are a model and how long have you been modeling?

Angela: Do you remember those days of Tyra Banks Show & America’s Next Top Model? That’s when I got an interest for modelling. I admired those girls so much. I have been modelling for about 2 years now,both in Beauty pageants and Fashion!

Miss Agriculture Egerton University DS: What was your experience being named the first ever Miss Agriculture Egerton University?

Angela: Waah…For the first time, I can’t explain the feeling.I believe a crown comes with responsibilities,not like the fashion modelling whereby you just do your thing, get paid and wait for the next show. So,it took me some hours to be hit by reality! All in all, I’m glad for the chance to make this world a better place.

DS: How do you plan to make use of your crown?

Angela: (Laughs) Apart from wearing it? There is a lot to be done.I have several ideas that I want to execute.For now, Watch this space for more..

DS: What’s your take on talent tapping and management in Egerton University?

Angela: So far so good.You know,talent is like a Mineral,deep down buried…for you to get that mineral you have to dig,drill or do whatever you can to extract it.Then you process it to get the fine product.It is never easy!That’s Talent. I would request Egerton fraternity to be more serious on the talent issue.Talents do pay!Thank God they are God-given.

DS: Your best fashion combination?

Angela: Oh my! Do I really have the best? Anything I’m comfortable in is best for me depending on the occasion. However, I love a fitting long or knee-long dresses,especially the floral ones,heels,just enough make-up, a purse and my short hair. They make me look more mature in appearance and more confident.

DS: Catch you dead in?

Angela: Wololo!! Catch me dead wearing a net-like attire that is clearly showing all my Fundamentals even the invisible ones. Asii,how now? Something I saw Rihanna wearing on a big event. Jeez!!

DS: What’s in your purse now?

Angela: Mmmmh…One thing you cant miss in my purse hata saa hizi, I call it Nivea versace(Arimi’s Milking Jelly). I know what you are thinking now (laughs). Yes… Anyway,I love it for my Lips.

DS: What can’t you do without?

Angela: Perfume/Cologne. Without it I feel naked.

DS: Your Fashion Icon?

Angela: I really don’t have a specific fashion icon….Different people inspire me differently in fashion.

DS: Your advise to Models in Egerton?

Angela: Please don’t rush in this modelling industry. Remember modelling is a process,each stage at a time. Again nothing comes easy! You have to work for it.Practice! Practice! Be patient,be confident,know yourself better,learn how to deal with different kinds of people and above all,Put God first.

Miss Agriculture
Mr and Miss Agriculture Egerton University together with Prof. Alexander Kahi (Dean FOA)
DS: Future prospects after Miss Agriculture Egerton University?

Angela: Aah!….This is just but a beginning.Every Journey starts with one step,this is it.I have many goals – both short & long term – and I would love to achieve them,not just for myself but for bettering the world.Thanks to the platform(crown) God has given unto me.

DS: Parting Shot?

Angela: Do your Best God will do the Rest. The sky is no longer the limit..aim higher!

DS: Anything else you wanna talk about?

Angela: I would like to thank all my friends and family whom took time to support me in one way or another.I cant afford to pay back all that love. May the Almighty bless them abundantly. Professor Kahi (Dean, Faculty of Agriculture),God bless you! Munene Wilson,your piece of advice is priceless!

DS: What was your experience at the ASK Beauty Pageant and what position were you if you

Angela: I learnt a lot. Making new friends and new challenges. I got into finals, I’m happy that I went that far especially with my height(5’6)…Enyewe,height is no limit.



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