Moi University, a Victim Institution in Sexual Assault Cases

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On Sunday 8th October, students of Moi University main campus took to the roads their rage over sexual assault. Cases of students and in particularly the girls, is not something peculiar in the institution but at least the cases had quite diminished. It is even more heartbreaking that these heinous deeds are committed by the people who are supposed to be ensuring that such things never occur. There are even more reasons to brand the institution “Woi University”.
So on that Friday night, reasons best known to the victims, the lass and his male counterpart arrived late. The male counterpart purportedly her boyfriend as any gentleman would do was seeing her off to her room. On their way to the girl’s room, they bumped into school security guards who allegedly harassed the guy and asked for bribe. The ‘kitu kidogo’ they asked for was for them not to make a case knock the doors of senate. The man did not give in to their propositions enraging the guards who seized him. A guard allegedly later returned and assaulted the girl.
It is quite a sad ordeal that instead of offering security, these guards did exactly the opposite which clearly shows that the students are not safe. It leaves people asking themselves plenty of questions for instance who we blame here. This is an incident that has happened several times before and nothing done unfortunately we are hoping that the police will look into it this time. A girl like that somewhere underwent the same defilement was threatened and probably kept mum about it and is dying inside since the ordeal.
Generations of students come and go with the same issue remaining constant like gravity. The truth is that Hostels are to a large percentage unisex which make them even more unsafe especially for the girls. Strict rules should be set out for instance ‘the 10am to 10 pm rule’ strictly followed. Since the issue is seemingly getting out of hand, my appeal to the girls is that they should always put their security first, scream your lungs out know how to deal with rape cases.

Students demonstrating in Moi University



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