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Korfball, is a ball sport invented by Dutch school teacher Nico Broekhuysen in 1902 in the Netherlands. The sport is with similarities to netball and basketball. It is played by two teams of eight players with either eight females in each team or with four females and four males in each team. The objective is to throw a ball through a bottomless basket that is mounted on a 3.5 m (11.5 feet) high pole. has been launched in Moi University, making it the start point of the sport in East and Central Africa.


The sport is meant to promote partnership between Moi University and Netherlands and also enhance cohesion among the participants (students and staff).

The sport was officially launched at the institution on February 26, 2016, although the head coach, Mr. Theo Van Der Linde and Mr. Henk Penseel, a lecturer at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands, had already started training both students and staff.

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korfballAll the students who participated in the training received an official 1st level certificate of the IKF.  On the same day, the korfball committee was installed and the student chairman, Rickson Mobarack, received the official certificate from Moi University Dean of Students, Dr. John Ayieko.

“During my previous visits to Moi University, I got the idea of introducing a truly mixed ball sport, named korfball, which started in The Netherlands and is played now in more than sixty countries over the world, but not in East Africa.

“It is a mix between netball and basketball, but played by boys and girls, in which both are equal. They play in the same team, but not boys against boys and girls against girls. I thought this is a great chance to draw attention to gender equality in a playful way,” said Mr. Penseel.

Penseel said he managed to interest the International Korfball Federation (IKF) that sent some equipment with balls and Mr. Linde to the University.

korfball 2“Now we hope the korfball committee will continue and maybe there will be more support from the IKF in the near future,” added Penseel.

Moi University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Richard K. Mibey, expressed appreciation to HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Mr. Penseel for choosing the institution as a beneficiary of the training.

“I express our willingness to partner with your institution in this area of sports. We look forward to have a cordial working relationship with you,” said Prof. Mibey.



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