MONDAY SPACE INVESTIGATIONS: 4 Reasons Why SUEU’s Dj Obidan Must Resign

daniel obwoche,director sports and entertainment.Has he failed?

On Obidan’s diary is a date he will never forget however much he might try to, the date his failures hit the peak and all including the visitors who attended the Mr/Miss Egerton event were left with mouths wide agape. The date is 17th April 2015.

But first I want to advise the bouncers who harassed my visitors from Laikipia at the entrace, to be precise –Mr/Miss Laikipia, it seems all Luo’s at Egerton are bouncers, they must know people. Am told that particular bouncer’s name is Dan. Shame on you wherever you are.

Now, this is it, students at Egerton university at this moment would be very happy on waking up to the news that the director sports and entertainment has resigned. But should the arrogant Obidan(SUEU Sports, Gender and Entertainment Director) resign? Well, on Monday space investigations today we look at the tangible reasons why Obidan should resign on grounds of incapability.

Enough Money for the Event

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There was enough money to ensure the event goes through well. Everybody is talking about Dj Mo who left after two minutes and fifty seven seconds and was paid. If you were in his shoes, that’s the best thing you could have done.

the stage well lit during the same event at laikipia university,opposite to the case at egerton
The stage well lit during the same event at Laikipia university,opposite to the case at Egerton

Mo is the best gospel Dj in Kenya as at now, now picture the place he was expected to spin from, the crowded ,dark stage, poor lighting system, the big speakers with no sound to show. I mean such speakers are only seen in funerals at night. He had complained about the sound and the lighting of the stage not to mention the microphones. Am sure there is some part of the audience who never saw him, one could have mistaken him for one of the men dressing the models. How do you expect Dj Mo to spin at the backstage? What was so difficult in having Mo sound for this event ,now that Dj Mo himself had agreed to come over?. Sources confirm that Obidan insisted on a substandard sound system from Nakuru town.

Dj Mo at kilimo hall during the MR/MISS egerton event
Dj Mo at Kilimo hall during the MR/MISS Egerton event


The Runway, Judges and Audience

Let’s look at the Runway and the judges; I didn’t notice the difference between the judges and the audience. The results of the beauty pageant have been disputed by close to all students and I believe there is some truth somewhere. One of the judges is said to have had a meal with one of the models and even spent a night at his place before the event!

The models had tags on them; look at the dimly lit runway and think of how the judges managed to look at all the tags. If the event was to be transparent, Obidan could have ensured a good lighting system on the runway and on stage. Whether it was planned as it happened remains a mystery. Perfect example of a well lit runway is what I saw at Laikipia University, Vision 2030 hall during their beauty pageant.



A well lit runway during Laikipia university beauty peagant.
A dark and dim runway at Egerton during the same event at Egerton


Dj Obidan Also Disappeared with Dj Mo

When all seem to have fallen apart, David the student, Mc spice of system unit, Dela and Mo left without notice. The Mc’s disappeared, the crowd became angry and most of the students walked away. At this point, the director health and transport took to the stage as the Mc in a bid to save the already ugly situation.

Where was Obidan? Had he also disappeared? On his WhatsApp status Obidan states “Mo alituenjoy”.

If there is anybody who took comrades for a ride then its Daniel Obwocha-Obidan. Obidan should come clear and open up first with an apology to the students whose money was used to pay the comedian, the Dj. I expected to have seen and read an internal memo on the notice boards from Obidan as at now.

daniel obwoche,director sports and entertainment.Has he failed?
Daniel Obwoche, SUEU director sports and entertainment.Has he failed?


Crowning of Winners

At the end of it all, the victors were called out despite the reaction from the audience; the two were crowned in a way rather traditional. One of my visitors from Laikipia ,Mc Erickoh called me yesterday asking a very tough question

“Hey Koyo,nilikuwa nauliza,sasa Mr./Miss Eger watabaki tu hivo?”.

I had to play around with words

“Ngojea mwanzo, I will confirm then get back to you” I answered.

But perhaps the reason why he asked such a question was after comparing how MR/MISS Laikipia were crowned, you all saw how the winners of the beauty pageant were crowned,look at these picture of from Laikipia vis-a- vis Egerton and see the difference.

the colourfull lively crowning of mr/miss culture .opposite to the case at egerton
The colourfull lively crowning of Mr/Miss culture opposite to the case at Egerton
 Mr/Miss laikipia crowed at a colourful event ,full of gifts .Compare this to what you saw at Kilimo hall
Mr/Miss Laikipia crowned at a colourful event ,full of gifts .Compare this to what you saw at Kilimo hall

On that note we come to the end of Monday space investigations today. We are still engaging you on our big question. Has the director sports and entertainment failed?. Is he overwhelmed?. Send us your views on our Facebook page MagazineReel.You can also drop a comment on the comment box or tweet us @MagazineReel and @KoyoOdongo. Remember to state your campus as we discuss this hot issue.




  1. lilian miss laikipia,proud of you baby.Ulionyesha eger urembo.asanteh koyo kwa kuinvite lilian na crew .Huyu obi nkt,then mwenye aliharas wageni wa koyo,fala nyinyi. koyo laikipia love you

  2. tangu nikuone G-square,,i think i fell for you .Nipe namba. But obidan anaudhi,ekwendeeeeeee#ObiMustGo

  3. explainin tu comrade failures is not a solution ……enda muongee uchangie ua views …..n hud yu mind organisin yuas tuone vile ungefanya kuliko kila tym complainin………

  4. The dude might not resign,pardon me but i can’t call you a leader(obidan) but wherever you are just learn some leadership skills…you really dissapointed us man!!

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