Mr and Miss Karatina University Date Announced



Karatina University Students Governing Council (SGC)Secretary General wrote a memo that was on the school notice board inviting students for the crowning of Mr and Miss Karatina University. The event is scheduled to take place on 1st April, 2016 at Main campus. Anyone participating in the event is asked to make thorough preparations to bring out the best.

The  SGC has made arrangement to offer training to all participants in the event. The schedule is as follows;

  1. i) On Tuesday in Main campus, at 4:00pm,

ii) On Wednesday in Annex, at 4:00pm.

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Those from Itiati campus to visit either Main campus or Annex for the same.

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NOTE: Ladies to come with heels 5 or 6 inches high.


For the Mr. and Miss Karatina University contest wear items will be as follows;


  1. Creative wear
  2. Cultural wear
  3. Dinner wear
  4. Sports wear
  5. Casual wear
  6. Official wear
  7. Beach wear


The above wear description is unisex (for both ladies and gentlemen) wishing to contest. The SGC secretary General Njoroge N Ndung’u” wishes all participating the best as they continue preparing for the big day. And also said that transport will be available for all members willing to attend.

Even though the expectation from the contestant is high, it deters few from participating. To those interviewed by Magazine reel, statistics shows that the 1st year students won’t be participating since they know nothing about the event so they will be watching so that they may take place in the next event. And to the fourth years they said it is a waste of time. Most contestant now are from 2nd and 3rd year students who really know what it carries.

mr nd miss karatina Different views are observed as many cling to the notice board to weigh and see whether they can or can’t ……. We are, waiting, and as for me my most sweetest part is to see and deliver to you what will be happening during the event.




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