MUST READ: 13 Ingredients of a Healthy Relationship in Campus


By Francis Oduor

Valentine’s day is now over and soon you will start hearing heartbreaks as usual. Most of comrades say that is life. With my experience as a Peer Counselor and a youth I discredit that notion. Let me save your dying campus relationships comrades. The following are ingredients of a healthy campus relationship. Save yourself from heartbreaks.

1.Do not expect anyone to be responsible for your happiness.
Accept yourself. Respect yourself. Love yourself first. Take good care of yourself. In a relationship your partner will try to please you and make you happy but in the end you are responsible for your happiness.

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2.Make good on your words
Relationships need trust in order to thrive.

3.Use Communication
This is essential in establishing a common ground to understand different points of view and creating a mutual, collaborative agreement or plan.

4.Enjoy Time Together and Time Apart
In healthy relationships, partners thoroughly enjoy being together, but their well-being is not dependent on being with each other.

5.Admit your mistake
Humble yourself and apologize sincerely, without making excuses or justifications like “I’m sorry you made me angry.”

Healthy6.Do not do anything for your partner if it comes with an expectation of reciprocation.
Keeping score in a relationship will never work. A person is less likely to notice and value all the contributions of their partner as much as their own.

7.Learning Through Conflict
Healthy relationships have a system for learning from their conflicts and resolving their conflicts in ways that work for each partner. Healthy partners are able to listen attentively to each other’s points of view and do not get stuck in having to be right or having to win.

8.Show your affection in whatever way you can.
There’s a difference between knowing that you’re loved and feeling that you’re loved.

9.Do not ever hide anything from him/her.
Especially your feelings about him/her and your relationship – whether good or bad! This way you will be able to overcome all the difficulties and challenges together.

10.Spend some quality time together
No matter how busy you two are may you have academic pressure, there is always an excitement when you do something together, when you share your precious time. Play a sport, eat at a restaurant, watch your favorite movies together. You will feel the magic of love and connection that you have with each other.

11.Give him/her some space.
Everyone needs their own privacy and some freedom, so don’t constantly watch everything he/she does. Everyone hates to be watched, stifled and controlled. avoid his/her hostel sometimes.

12.Encourage him/her.
So that he or she can be successful in his or her study even when he/she is going to take her CATS or EXAMS.

13.Revive date-night.
Going on dates, even if you’ve been in a relationship for years, is still important. Try to go on a date at least once every month even you can take him/her at MESS that mostly shows how caring you are.

In conclusion you are the engine of your relationship and also the can decide the destiny or fruit you wish for your relationship. Comrades make a wise decision when you fall in love.



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