Mutahi Ngunyi Claims Nkaissery was Assassinated

Joseph Ole Nkaissery

Political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi has claimed that the sudden death of Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery does not add up.

The CS died on Saturday morning, hours after going to Karen Hospital for a check up.

On Friday, he appeared fine when he accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to Uhuru Park grounds for prayer over the general election. He later held a number of meetings at his office.

Mr Ngunyi is now claiming that some unnamed people may have a hand in the sudden passing away of the retired major general.


“Death of Nkaissery DOES NOT ADD UP. Security Ministers DO NOT DIE 30 days to ELECTION. They are NOT ALLOWED to DIE. It is an Assassination,” Ngunyi tweeted on Saturday.


The cause of death has not been revealed.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today morning appointed Education Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi to replace the late Nkaissery as Interior CS in an acting capacity.

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  1. it might be true depending on the immediate replacement by the president it means he was ready for the death

  2. Ngunyi you are a prime suspect unless you name people behind the assasination twataka kuwajua weka wazi kwa haraka

  3. who knows,I think the most impo
    rtant thing is to focus on the right direction,mean we vote and keep peace.

  4. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. stop doing politics with a person who has already gone,,, opposition members come on,why suspect da gvt coz of an immediate replacement?if you were for example a prezo, who would u appoint to be an acting cs? in fact I thank da prezo coz of his immediate action to the imergency.

  6. it’s a rare occasion where one steps in for a medical check up and die, I’d really want to believe this is one.. however, I’d possibly request for his medical history, and for a postmortem done and for once the public is given the report. he was a great public servant hence we call for information.

  7. Please fellow Kenyans stop this habit of always blaming this and that on the occasion of ones death.Eventually we shall all perish whether we are very sick or extremely healthy. Allah gives and takes.
    The security docket is a very sensitive docket and as such can not be left vacant.
    Ngunyi was maybe mocking our negative habits for always finding a political reason for every death of a political figure.

  8. God case has no appeal bt also Kenya government system has no justice! immediate appointment of fred matiangi.
    something is fishy..
    mutahi ngunyi I conquer with you bro..

  9. who organised this prayer meeting if I may ask?…why at this this time of political temperature?…what was to happen there apart from the prayers?…I don’t understand…please help mi

  10. ngunyi nowadays has reduced himself to a mere mediocre, who has no positive & substantial idea to air out.

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