My Campus Years: Aden Duale was Noisy in Campus

My Campus Years: Aden Duale was Noisy in Campus
Mp Arthur Papa Odera

GuestArthur Papa Odera is the MP Teso North Constituency

I joined Moi University Main Campus in Eldoret in 1989 for a bachelor’s degree in Economics and English.

I enjoyed the Quantitative Methods unit because I love maths. But I disliked the English Phrase unit after disagreeing with a lecturer on principles pertaining to the unit.

My best lecturer was the late Prof. Van Doorne — he was quite inspirational. We used to earn our grades and things like Mwakenya and sex for marks were unheard of. We just focused on learning.

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Outside class, I played volleyball and would sometimes watch rugby and football.

I engaged in side hustles and would import bedsheets, shoes and shirts from Uganda to sale in campus. I made 35 per cent profit in general sales. I even engaged sales agents whom I paid commissions.

To unwind, we would go to Hawaii Club and Woodley in Eldoret town. But I did not like hanging out that much since my business was too demanding — never mind I managed a First Class Honours.

I was also in the Young Catholics Association and would attend jumuia (mass) in common rooms and sometimes lecture halls when called upon. I became chair of Busia Moi University Students Association, which launched my political career.

We would go to any length to have good ‘cubes’ in hostels. A lot of forgery was involved.

We had fascinating characters, and I will never forget Aden Duale. He was so noisy; you couldn’t fail to notice him.

We dated and many relationships thrived, even though some failed. One thing that was sure to happen was comrades technically becoming ‘single,’ whenever freshers arrived. It was a scramble for ‘new signings.’

Hon. Arthur Papa Odera graduated with a BA (Economics and English) from Moi University in 1993.

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