Nadia Mukami: From Maseno University to the International World

Nadia Mukami

By George Wanyama

“My love for music started back when I was young, listening to my father’s collection of Taarab music. However, it’s musicians such as Ray C and Sanaipei Tande who really inspired me to start and pursue a career in music,” Said Nadia in an interview.

At 17, she started off her career with passion and enthusiasm, with a friend who had a great craft for music. She then recorded ‘Narudi’ which talks about a lover who had left but decided to come back. This song, she says, motivated her and she found her voice through it.

At Maseno, she joined Equator FM, a campus radio that allowed her to host a show once a week. She utilized the opportunity to talk about her music and got a lot of support from ‘comrades’.

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She has been featured on top platforms like SoftKenya where she has been hailed as a great songstress and vocalist who “fuses the poetry with modern Afropop giving it a smooth urban flow.” It’s inarguable that she has many a time showed her prowess in Swahili music since when she released her second single, Barua Ya Siri in 2015. Other analytics have also noted her unrivaled “smooth blend of bongo-flava influenced waves.” She says she loves Tanzania’s music flair and that is the reason she is giving herself enough time with its artistes.

Her ambitiousness could have soared her higher than she anticipated. A couple of months later, she released ‘Kesi’ which received massive airplay and added to her career reputation. The song also earned her a place alongside stars on platforms like Blaze by Safaricom and The Nile Festival.

The young artiste, who just graduated with a degree in BBA-Finance option is now planning to release a new song but she kept quiet about the dates. But she is a “planner”, a habit she borrowed from Ali Kiba, a Tanzanian Bongo music singer.

“He can disappear for 6 months and come back with a hit song.” She says.

“I am taking my time; I want to study the industry and myself…you just don’t wake up and get pregnant.”

One of her all-time mentors has been Miriam Makeba, who stood and fought for freedom in South Africa. Hers, she said, is the truth.

“I have something that I stand for, the truth. I sing about real situations, I call it ‘truthful music’, things that people can really relate to.”

In her latest release, Lola, featuring Masauti (Said Mohammed), she talks about money, an idea she says she has had in mind for some time after a personal experience “infused with Diamond and Zari.”

“The idea of Lola was about two celebrities who hustled together but one of the lovers ended up cheating.”

Starting a company is also among her career plans, she shared. She says she is inclined to rock the industry with more songs as long as her fans continue supporting her.

“I hope you will continue supporting my music and I promise to release hits after hits.”



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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