Nandi County Governor Paid Millions to Student Leaders to Support his Leadership ~ Elvis Langas

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Over the past few months, the Nandi county governor’s seat has proven to be hot for Hon. Cleophas Lagat. This is after a group of students from the county called a press conference and told him that they were not in support of his leadership. The students through their leaders had expressed minimal satisfaction with the governors work claiming that he did not take into consideration the needs of several university students from the region. The students mentioned the mismanagement of bursary funds and open favoritism that exists when the funds are being allocated to needy students.

As of yesterday, a group of students claiming to represent the Nandi county university students association took to the media to express and show their solidarity with the embattled governor Lagat. Speaking to the press in Eldoret town, the alleged student leaders led by one Raymond Cheruiyot, said those claiming Lagat’s administration has not implemented projects that benefit residents were misleading wananchi.

“We know the county has spent over Kshs 6 billion on projects that have benefited residents across the county,” said Cheruiyot.

But in a quick rejoinder, one of the official executive member of the Nandi county students association has rubbished the groups claims that Governor Cleophas is a subject of witch hunt. Elvis Korir also known as Langas, both a student leader in Moi university and member of the Nandi county university students association referred to the group as mere brokers who were out to earn by showering the governor with praise. Elvis noted that the group might have been given millions to support the county government and the governor.

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“I am perturbed by how money can run even the elites of our societies. When a group of Persons get bank rolled with a few pennies and decide to go to press and in broad daylight misrepresent facts, it’s very unfortunate”, a shocked Langas said.

Elvis noted that the group was in itself a sham and that they did not represent the views of thousands of university students coming from Nandi county.

“How do you claim to speak on behalf of Nandi County Students and say that we are behind Governor’ Lagat and his team? This act is barbaric and shameful. It’s a scheme for a few individuals to impress their master and of course to earn a dime for their pockets and belly’s”, Langas added.

The MUSO Leader added that most University students have reservations about the Nandi county government on how they have addressed Student issues especially on Bursary Allocation.  He informed Magazine Reel that Nandi County Student Association is yet to meet in a Forum being organized in order to make deliberations and give their position as far as Nandi County Government addressing student issues is Concerned.

“We are sounding a warning to those brokers who auction Campus Student votes (The largest voting bloc in the County). Nandi County Students leadership uphold the international practice of Democracy and shall not dictate the allegiance of this group when it comes to the County Politics”, he concluded.



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  1. This is what we call stupidity, I have noted that the Nandi county youths are suffering a big deal,you fibd out that some of our fellow youths are suffering so much around me,someone might have gotten a B+ in kcse but you find that the person does not join at the right time because of luck of funds and yet the learders claim to empower and support the youths,this happens because when they apply for the bursery thet are not given which is so unrealistic,i would like to urge the governor to stop his backward behaviour of claiming for non realistic things,we are so discouraged by his actions

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