New App Predicts Whether a Voter is Qualified to go to Raila’s ‘Canaan’

raila odm canaan

NASA Presidential candidate Raila Odinga is fond of referring to himself as the Bible’s ‘Joshua’, who will lead his people to the Promised Land – Canaan.

Kenyans have become used to this and have come up with ways of speeding up the process, with a few days left to the election.

Political pundits have also argued, questioned if Raila Odinga is the right man to take Kenyans to the promised land in the case that he wins elections.

With Raila Odinga standing alone at the podium during the presidential debate, many Kenyans have the assumption that his actions might win him the seat – therefore devising ways of knowing who will join him in the promised land.

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In a country where bookmakers and fortune tellers are making a fortune by predicting who will win in this election, some creative youngsters have devised a way of amusing themselves and their friends.

The very creative fellows have created an application which is detecting whether a voter is qualified to go to the political Canaan or not.

We were amused to hear one exasperated Kenyan grumble after the computer application proclaimed that there was no space for him in Canaan.

In the same breath, the computer informed his friend that he had six days to go to the land of Milk and honey.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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