New Developments Set to take Place in Kisii University after End Semester Exams

kisii exams
New dawn is ushered in Kisii university after the end of semester exams. If there is a day students long for, its the day when they will be completely done with their examinations. This comes after a hectic and tough moments of a last minute rush.
Time seem to have drifted fast as the events quickly avail themselves. Exams are over and most students hit the road back home. It’s such a great relief after a long semester occupied with a very tight schedule. Wether it’s a short or a long break, mind rest matters to them.
The long vacation goers are torn in between as they ponder hard what will become of them at home. The outcome will depend on the activities they will engage themselves in and so it can turn out to be either enjoyable or boring.
To the few left behind, learning still goes on as they prepare for their CPA exams and working on projects. For them who lost interest in going home, will have to stay until school opens.
The still atmosphere is filled with emptiness. It’s boring and occupied with less activities. The students and staff workers are no where seen roaming around. Its only the gate man who is kept on toes to keep watch as he proceeds with his daily duties.
The buzzing sound of insects could awaken a mind lost in thoughts. Even the sound of a bang has the power to increase the number of heart beats.
The lecture rooms are completely empty and it engulfs me with bizarre confinement yet freedom. Nothing but white walls.
Silence and emptiness has hovered around in most hostels. The loud music, giggles, burps and clink of cutlery seem to have vanished into a thin air.
The ever busy footpath is now a deserted path since no one is seen strolling around. The vendors too have drastically decreased in number.
Heavy rains and a chilly haze has taken over the hot and dusty environment. Rain batters the roof like hail of bullets as it hammers down making the windows blurred. The whole surrounding is not the same like it was before.



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We Are Hiring!! Writer

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