New KUCCPS Cluster Points Calculations for 2018/2019

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Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service, KUCCPS now has a new formula for calculating cluster points to calculate your weight cluster points for university admissions in Kenya.

Here is how KUCCPS calculates your weighted cluster points for university admission.

The following formula is used to calculate the weighted cluster point:

KUCCPS New Formula for Calculating Cluster Points

w = Weighted Cluster Point
c = Raw Cluster Point
a = Aggregate Cluster Point

To get the weighted cluster points, you need to determine:
Sum of the Performance index of all the relevant cluster subjects for the candidate. (r)
Sum of the maximum performance index of the relevant cluster subjects used. (m)
Sum of the performance index of the 7 required subjects for the candidate. (api)
Sum of the maximum subject performance index of the 7 candidates subjects. (spi)

Please note that this might not be the same formula applied to arrive at the weighted cluster points for KCSE 2014 candidates, however, it gives an idea of how the weighted cluster method affects one’s qualification for a given course.

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Examples of Cut Off Points for University Admissions

To give you an idea of what to expect with this year’s cluster points, here is an example of previous points used by the University of Nairobi, JKUAT, Kenyatta University and Maseno University.

Assuming the students Score is as follows:

KUCCPS Cluster Points

A. Determine the Cluster Subjects:

KUCCPS Cluster points Calculations

B. Grade Points

Each course has the four key subjects that are considered in the calculation.

KUCCPS Cluster Points Calculations

C. Calculate Raw Cluster Points

KUCCPS Cluster Points Calculations

D. Determine the : r, m, api & spi

KUCCPS Cluster Points Calculations

E. Calculate the weighted Cluster Points (w)

KUCCPS Cluster Points Calculations

K.N.E.C. always forward the performance index (PI) per subject for each candidate to KUCCPS.

To make the process of calculating the weighted cluster points using the new formula easy, KUCCPS has provided an online tool which candidates can use after logging into the online revision system.

All 2017 KCSE candidates who scored a minimum aggregate grade of C+ of 46 points shall be eligible for placement to both public and private universities to pursue degree courses under Government sponsorship.

All candidates who scored a minimum mean grade of C– of 32 points shall be eligible for placement to pursue diploma courses offered in tertiary institutions.

All candidates who scored a mean grade of D of 18 points and above shall be eligible for placement to craft certificate courses offered in tertiary institutions.

Towards this end, the Placement Service opened its online application system for applicants to revise their choices on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 00.00 hours and will close it on February 14, 2018, at 24.00 hours.

Those who did not submit their applications through their schools may use this opportunity to apply for degree, diploma or certificate courses of their choice as Government supported students.




  1. please I scored b- 0f 54 points maths A- English C+ chemistry B- physicsC+ history’s- business c- bio c- kiswahili c- calculate my cluster points I want to apply electrical and electronic engineering in uni

  2. me in particular i score c+ of 51 maths A, engC-, kiswC-, chem C-, phyB-, biz B-, an geo B-.and i wanu 2 do mechanics or electromotive pliz calculate my clusters any sent 2 me and show me which course wil5 i take

  3. i scored a B of 62
    calculate my cluster points please.Thank you

  4. I got 66 pts maths B plus English B minus chemistry A minus history A minus calculate my cluster points please

  5. Can someone help me calculate my cluster points……
    Maths A
    Phy A
    Bio B
    Eng B-
    Kisw B
    CRE B
    Business B+

  6. pleas calculate my cluster points i scored eng B KIS C+ MATH B BIO B CHEM A- PHY B GEO A B\ST C+

  7. How dos the formular apply…..according to me ….i scored..maths c….english c+…kiswahili B-…CRE B+….history c+….computerA-….biology B-…..chem B-

  8. If my son has wants do Diploma in Business Information Technology, but has grade D in mathematics and C in English and a mean grade of C-, Does he has to bridge in mathematics to meet a C grade so as to pursue the course?


    Help me calculate cluster point

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