News out that Uhuru Kenyatta is Sleeping Hungry Due to Effects of COVID-19

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A woman who named her son after President Uhuru Kenyatta surfaced in a viral video on Monday, June 29, as she revealed details of the difficult times she was facing with young Uhuru during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Born in Laikipia in 2017, the mother chose to name her son Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta due to her view of the President’s development record, and, in particular, his initiative to introduce free maternity care in public hospitals.


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The woman contrasted the times, appealing to President Kenyatta to intervene as she revealed how the Covid-19 pandemic had taken a toll on her and deprived her of an income.

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She noted that many odd jobs that she did prior to the pandemic disappeared making it difficult to provide for young Uhuru.

“Right now, Uhuru’s life is not very good. Because sometimes he doesn’t get the things he needs like milk, food, it has become a problem.


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“It’s like survival by luck. Sometimes we sleep hungry, or if I manage to get something small I give it to Uhuru and go hungry,” she revealed.

The mother disclosed that she hoped the President might be able to listen to her given that her son is named after him. She disclosed that she had been forced to resort to asking for help from her friends.

“I don’t have a permanent job, but I work jobs at the clubs, sometimes at hotels as a waiter, but since the Coronavirus began it has become so difficult.


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“Sometimes I don’t even have anything to give Uhuru. We are living by miracles. Clothes are a problem, food is a problem, Before, you would get even Ksh1,000, but now the most you can get is Ksh200 a day.

“What I’m doing now is turning to friends, telling them to help me because my child is going hungry. Some of them listen to you, some of them don’t,” she stated.

She explained that the policy of free maternity, in particular, inspired the decision to name her child Uhuru as the child’s father left her soon after she got pregnant.

“The reason I named him Uhuru is that I was going through a lot at the time. When I was pregnant, his father left me.


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“I didn’t have any money for maternity fees at the hospitals. But I went there and gave birth for free, that’s why I named him Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.

“I named him Uhuru because I had gone through so much but when it came to giving birth, I didn’t have to worry,” she stated.

She revealed that her friends and neighbours were surprised by her decision to name her child Uhuru, with many questioning the decision and making jokes about it.



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