OCS Ragira’s Case Divides UoN Comrades Along Tribal Lines

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The University of Nairobi students engaged in heated discussions over the past one week in their main social media forum. The discussion turned tribal after Babu Owino the defacto leader of Student Organization of Nairobi University (SONU) failed to intervene in a case which involved one of the comrades,Mr. Ragira.

Top 20 UniversitiesKnown to the students by his famous title of OCS Ragira, the student is facing charges of robbery in a Kenyan court. It is claimed that together with some groups of people, Ragira has been going round the campus beating up his fellow students and robbing them of their valuables. Mr. Ragira has denied all the allegations leveled against him citing the whole case as a set up by his political competitors.

Mr Babu Owino while giving his part of the argument said that he wouldnt be able to support a person whose main aim was to make living in Nairobi University students hostel a hell for his electorate. A student Mr Geoffrey Mosiria stirred up the conversation when he claimed that their Chairman had alluded with another student known as George Okinda Fabian to come up with a false accusation against Mr Ragira.

Most students from the Kisii tribe which Mr Ragira belongs read a sinister motive in the whole saga and called on to the chairman Mr. Babu to come clear over the matter. Most said that their leader had all along been supporting goonship and he couldnt run away from it since he was the actual inventor of comrades goonship. They read ulterior motives when the chairman gave his back to their son claiming that it was because he was not from the Luo tribe.

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The discussion fierce intensity could be felt between the two groups with luos ganging up to defend their own while the kisii’s threw salvo at him. While giving their opinions on the matter, other students from other tribes gave their predictions that this whole saga might be a new wave in Babu’s leadership which has so far been strong and in one voice.

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  1. Shallow article. You havent mentioned the alleged ‘serial rapist Osano” , PA to him, whom he defended. You havent mentioned what brought about the rift between OCS n Babu. Too shallow.

  2. geoge okinda is not a student but some downtown urchin who also double as babus favourite spy who is managed by three sportman ciggarate a day…

  3. Too bad that UoN puts up with goonship cultures making the likes of Masese, Stitchez, Moses Okello, Osano thrive. People don’t want to graduate and some have been in the school for over 7 years while they are pursuing a 4-year course. Something needs to be done either by Prof. Mbeche, SWA or our students’ fraternity.

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