On Being Strong


“Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.”

William Ellery Channing.

They say that you never know how strong you are until it is the only option you have. Some people like to emphasis on being strong. They like to be perceived as strong and acknowledged by others. They have Never realized that they’re pretending to be strong and  tough.

There is a big difference between being strong and being tough. Between having the courage to pursue one’s dreams and isolating oneself emotionally from the rest of the world. Being strong is not about building walls, it’s about building bridges. It’s about taking that small island that is oneself and connecting it with others. It’s about having a purpose,principles and abiding them no matter what.

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Being strong is about holding on when all you want to do is let go. Holding on to hope when there seems to be nothing left to hope for. Holding on to that smile as if for dear life, even if your entire world seems to be breaking apart. If you die inside, if it feels like you’re eating your own heart, but still smile because you want to, because nothing is going to stop you, then you are strong. If you do it because you don’t want others to see you that way, then you’re weak.

Why we do what we do ultimately defines us.

Putting on a mask is not the same as being strong. Masks never change.

Putting on a mask will consume precious energy. Hiding who you really are, pretending to be someone else, all that takes away so much of your potential. Be who you are, cry when you feel like it, laugh when you feel like it, don’t ever ask yourself what others might think.

That is being strong.

To be who you want to be without having to ask for permission from others.

Being strong is also about courage and faith. It’s about going on when one feels he lacks the strength to do so. Strength becomes obvious when one faces adversity. Strength becomes obvious when one finds oneself at a crossroad.

Do I give up? Do I keep pushing forward?

Choosing one’s path regardless of the resistance he meets is being strong.

The rest is just mambo jumbo meant to isolate us from others in a pathetic attempt to make us seem something we’re not.



We Are Hiring!! Writer

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